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Natural UFO principles with practical applications for economical transportation and travel as based on authoritative documented study by scientists on unidentified flying objects.

A natural perspective on UFOs

About 23% of all cases of reported UFO phenomena may not be explainable and had the classification of "unknown" or "insufficient information" in analyses of official reports as documented in page 21 of reference# p1 (a scientific report on UFOs; listed at the end under ""References").

Now anything may be possible for this 23%, and all may not be stuffs that are out~of~this~world nor supernatural which speculation may be apt to consider. It also could be a natural Earthly thing that could have practical application, especially since the phenomena have bearing on flight and possibly power.

Common and conventional scientific knowledge only may suffice for considering a UFO that is natural. A natural UFO as rationalized reasonably may be deemed as a bubble of hot stuff that flies and may be called "[Bubble Hotstuff Unoccupied Flying Object" (or BHUFO; its more common manifestation is a natural flying saucer, aside from others with a variety of forms).

Natural bubbles contain nebulous stuffs such as gasified substances and/or "plasma" (a rarefied form of more nebulous hot matter). It also may either have positive or negative charge (ionized) due to substances inputted during development, passage in ionized surroundings, as well as due to other factors.

Natural UFO documented observations

Ionized bubbles as well as ionized BHUFOs may move under external magnetic influence in accordance with either of the electrical indicators "right-hand rule" or "left-hand rule",with the applicable rule being dependent on the kind of charge (reference# w1). As moving electric charge it may generate also its own magnetic field.

With BHUFO as premise selected applicable observations and characteristics may be summarized from reference# p1 as listed below...

(note: The report included investigations on "close encounters", where witnesses reported occupants on up to 32% of the cases investigated. "Close encounters" here refers to objects on the ground or else hovering, with or without occupants - on page 22, chapter 1.)

1. At least 16 sightings of UFOs in space had been reported by American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts (pages 63-65, chapter 3).

2. Generally vertical flight and rarely horizontal travel across several states of the U.S.A. (pages 6-7, chapter 1)

3. UFOs reported most frequently on steep angled descent, hover for a few moments, then take off again almost vertically (page 7, chapter 1).

4. The conclusion on a photograph of a UFO at close encounter on February 26, 1967 near Fargo, North Dakota as analyzed by the Air Force was possible plasma ball. (page 122 but not numbered between chapters 4 and 5).

5. UFO sighting fluctuations that peak twice on analysis of hour by hour manifestations, one in the early morning at 3:00 A.M. and one in the evening at 10:00PM (pages 7-8, chapter 1). Landing reports are most numerous in the late evening and before dawn (page 20).

6. UFO sighting fluctuations month by month in 1954 corresponds to the fluctuations in number of magnetic declinations in Earth's magnetic field, as correlated with French monitoring network data (pages 86-87, chapter 3). A high peak in October shown by the related graph in page 87 has confirmation on a different graph in page 24 (chapter 1).

7. Interference effects (frequent but not always) of a UFO on nearby electrical devices or installations like motorized vehicle electrical systems, power lines, radios, televisions, etc. (page 5, chapter 1).

8. UFO body apparently made of metal as noted in close encounters (page 298, Appendix A).

9. A piece of the UFO that exploded over a beach in Ubatuba, Brazil as analyzed was magnesium with a high purity close to magnesium purity standards and comparable to magnesium produced by DOW Chemical Company. The company produces magnesium of superior purity (pages 67-68, chapter 3).

10. Generally brief manifestations that typically are 5 to 20 minutes in duration. Reports of 1 hour to 1 day are relatively fewer in terms of percentage of cases. (page 23, chapter 1).

11. UFOs that change shape (page xii, Introduction).

12. UFOs that disappear (page xii, Introduction).

13. Close encounters usually manifest in isolated places not frequented by humans, away from centers of habitation or residences (page 6, chapter 1).

(note: An often mentioned "Center for UFO Studies", created by a number of prominent scientists, may have other authoritative and more updated information).

UFOs and "Electromagnetic Induction"

A fluctuating magnetic field may propel electrically charged particles or objects through "electromagnetic induction" (reference# p2, pages 131-154), a basic electrical principle operating in electrical devices like transformers, electric generators, etc. The fluctuations in UFO sightings as noted in the above summary listing (twice daily peak in #5, high October peak in #6), could be an effect of the principle.

In the principle, electrical charges in the wiring (also called "conductor") of those devices are induced to move when subjected to changing or fluctuating intensity of magnetic fields (reference# p2, page 132). Movement stops when the field stabilizes.

(The conductor is wound perpendicular to the expected direction of the magnetic lines of force. Electrical charges may tend to circle a magnetic line, but conducted to move across one line to another.)

In the case of transformers, a magnetic field builds up and collapses through a coiled conductor called "primary coil" inputted with fluctuating power or alternating current. This fluctuating magnetic field in turn induces the movement of electrical charges in another coiled conductor called "secondary coil" that do not move with respect to the lines of the field, resulting to fluctuating power outputted at the secondary coil with a different voltage than power inputted to the primary.

With an electric generator, electrical charges in its coiled conductor are also induced to movement by magnetic field fluctuation, but in this case the fluctuation subjected to the charges occur because the conductor, laid perpendicular to magnetic field lines, moves relative to the lines. The rotating member of a generator may hold the conductor while the magnetic field is generated at a stationary part in the casing.

Summary listing #4 makes a good illustration (next section) for an electrically charged natural UFO propelled through 'Electromagnetic Induction' with its conclusion that the photographed object could be aq plasma ball (hence a BHUFO).

UFOs and the "Right-hand rule"

In plasma substances, the positively charged atomic nuclei and the negatively charged electrons are no longer bound together as element of the substance.

All substances at 15,000 degrees Fahrenheit are already in the plasma state of matter, with the conditioned attained by different substances at other lower temperatures (reference# p4, page_91). Hydrogen, the lightest substance with only one electron component in its atom, becomes plasma at 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit (reference# p4, page 93).

A bubble of plasma in a magnetic field is prone to lose some of its charged particles due to passing magnetic field lines, with the charges forced to circle the lines or else exiting in accordance to either the 'Left-hand rule' or the 'Right-hand rule' depending on the kind of charge. The majority of particles lost are likely the negatively charged electrons that are thousands of times less massive than the positively charged nuclei, giving the bubble's interior a positive overall charge (making the Right-hand rule applicable).

The plasma ball observed in summary listing #4, presumably positively charged, has a vertical upward movement, for which the directional indicator is the middle finger of the right hand pointed up and perpendicular to the plane of the palm which face upwards.

Its vertical movement indicates induction by horizontal magnetic field lines which course from pole to pole over the planet. The direction of the lines is the same direction pointed by a compass, which is south to north at Earth's surface (reference# p2, page10-11).

The directional indicator of the hand for magnetic lines direction is the index finger pointed straight out in the same plane of the palm (northward for the plasma ball illustration).

With two directions known the 'Right-hand rule' or the 'Left-hand rule would indicate a third unknown direction for inducted electrical charges.

This third unknown direction in the plasma ball illustration is movement of conductor for the ball's electrical charges and is indicated by the right thumb pointed straight out in the same plane as the palm and at right angles to both directions of the index and middle fingers.

This right thumb points east indicating that the conductor (which is the plasma ball itself) moves towards the east, verifiable by the fact that the rotation of Earth makes the sun rise in the east as observed from the planet's surface (which has a relative west to east motion with respect to the sun).

Fluctuating horizontal and vertical magnetic field lines

The vertical motion (upward through electromagnetic induction) of the plasma ball BHUFO may indicate that at least at the level of motion, Earth's horizontal magnetic field lines and the observed location (at ground vicinity) have different horizontal speeds relative to one another resulting to fluctuations in the intensity of magnetic field as subjected on the BHUFO.

UFOs that move horizontally over several states of the U.S.A on the other hand (observed infrequently in summary listing #2), suggests induction of BHUFOs from the fluctuation of magnetic field lines positioned vertically. These could be the magnetic lines that course the entire length of the magnetosphere starting from Earth (reference# w2; refer also to magnetosphere structure diagram).

The magnetic lines of the magnetosphere may have twice daily fluctuations related to the two peaks in UFO sightings around 10:00_P.M. and 3:00_A.M. (summary listing #5). Globally these sightings are within a longitudinal belt of two time zones near the periphery of Earth's night side.

A higher concentration of vertical magnetic lines may exist over the belt's vicinity due to solar wind particles deflected by Earth's form and streaming behind the planet away from the sun. Magnetic field lines of force have a tendency to deviate from normal paths to pass through easier material with lower reluctance to its passage (or "path of least reluctance", reference#_p3, page_1-34), and denser solar wind particles near the periphery of Earth's night side may be an easier path for the magnetic lines of the magnetosphere.

A higher concentration of vertical magnetic field lines also result to more frequent cut through horizontal magnetic field lines by the vertical with possible interference effects that may intensify the fluctuation of horizontal magnetic lines at te surface of Earth defined by the belt. This could propel more BHUFOs vertically upward resulting to double peaks per day in UFO sightings at around 10:00_P.M. and 3:00_A.M.

The magnetosphere also, having a total length that is hundreds of times the radius of Earth, very probably may be exposed to various other influences in space that could make its magnetic lines fluctuate at even much higher frequencies, either regularly or irregularly, transmitting the energetic fluctuations to its roots including to the horizontal magnetic field lines on the planet below.

Highly purified metallic UFO composition

The metallic shell of UFOs observed at close encounters (summary listing #8) indicates nebulous metallic elements in a hot BHUFO interior that solidified through contact with the surrounding's cooler temperatures.

A certain element may become nebulous at a temperature specific only for the element, with the temperature remaining constant while the non-nebulous form of the element still exists. The element may also be predominant in a section of Earth below. Quite very likely, the nebulous interior and solid shell of most BHUFOs may be composed of some specific highly purified element, like the piece of magnesium stated in summary listing #9.

The piece was picked up by a witness to UFO explosion. It could have been in an external part of the object like the shell, though may not be the hull material of some intelligent beings' craft as magnesium usually may be used in things like pyrotechnics, incendiary bombs, flash photography and the like.

Magnetic propellant

Earth's solid substances that became plasma and/or ionized gas at high temperatures may compose good performance BHUFOs. The remarkable power that apparently propel BHUFOs may be due to the high electric charge capacity (especially plasma) that could be possible with their kind of atomic mass which also relates to the number of positive protons in atomic nuclei.

When solidified again however at cooler temperatures, those substances may reabsorb negatively charged electrons and lose their magnetic powers.

To avoid it the plasma of those solids may be cooled down in vacuum or else through other environments and/or procedures that prevent or restrict the re-absorption of negative electrons. At normal temperatures the resulting substance may have different attributes than its solid form with electrons, though may be conducted to an insulated strong container that can hold it in.

The cooled plasma could have high explosive potentials due to the repulsion of similarly charged atomic nuclei on each other, but along with a strong enough insulating container may constitute a magnetic propellant material that may propel its fastened carrier on a similar good performance as that of hot plasma in a BHUFO. The arrangements for the magnetic propellant may have means to introduce electrons to damp its powers or potentials as precaution in case of some emergency. Human society's current capabilities though may not easily produce this kind of propellant.

A simpler alternative for producing insulated solids that might have sufficiently high positive electric potential could be by use of a conductor to drain out at normal temperatures as much of the electrons as possible, maybe down to the ground. Current technology has many existing devices and procedures that could accomplish this. The magnetic propellant produced could have more limited power but might be compensated for by using a sufficient quantity of them.

A type of electric generator called magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) power system (reference#_p5) that produces considerable positive ions (at around 5000 degrees Fahrenheit) from a metallic substance that is solid at normal temperatures has also interesting possibilities. The ions (potassium) were left with combustion gases in a central channel of the cylindrical contraption after freed electrons from its atoms were conducted out.

Magnetic propellants attached to appropriately constructed crafts may allow the craft to move through various environments wherever natural magnetic fields exist: in the air, underwater or in space. It may also be used for ground crafts, though travel in that mode may have some inconveniences due to certain limitations of natural magnetic fields as propulsive power source. Any pilot-able craft with the propellant may have the generic name of "Electromagnetic Pilot-able Object", or EPO.

Travel possibilities of EPO crafts

In terms of directional options an EPO may be restricted by the accessibility of magnetic field lines that can induce the craft to movement. Horizontal lines would naturally be encountered more often over Earth's surface than the vertical.

Unless the craft could be piloted to vertical lines needed for horizontal flight, its usual powered movement would be in the vertical direction through horizontal magnetic field lines.

This restriction may not matter much to spacecraft, but aircraft with horizontal destination may need arrangements that can use free vertical propulsion for horizontal purposes. If provided it could benefit at least the economical users of air transportation, since a very expensive part of aircraft operation is the procedure that raises the craft's elevation, where considerable fuel is burned just to get up.

Crafts powered vertically only may traverse horizontal distances by terminating the power at a sufficient height and gliding down at a slant through gravity, then activating the power again to elevate (resulting to an undulating kind of motion).

A similar traveling mode actually was tested satisfactorily on a small submarine glider with vertical power that also glides down without power other than gravity, a concept based on the swimming mechanics of a certain fish (reference# p6). Vertical directional force was provided through buoyancy variable devices that simulate fish bladder functions and without use of horizontal propellers. The craft was used by scuba divers and a proposed huge glider was designed for hauling cargo undersea.

An EPO craft with no horizontal propulsion may do likewise if it can effectively minimize or eliminate as needed the vertical force subjected to itself from horizontal magnetic lines of force, thus simulating on and off vertical power. It may also simply ride on a natural on and off cycle possible as observed in summary listing #3.

Gliding through gravitational power, an EPO besides economical flight may also have respectable average speed comparable to other more traditional modes of flying that depend on fuel if the craft operates through a long enough gliding drop height. Possibly though, many users of air transportation may prefer the usually level flight of normal air-crafts.

Power for EPO horizontal leveled flight may exist as indicated in summary listing #2 by a UFO that moved across several states, and may be tapped on the observed height at least if the UFO was within the preferred operating altitude of aircrafts in Earth's atmosphere (or even if outside, actually).

The magnetosphere may provide horizontal propulsion power through its magnetic field lines directed vertically upwards from Earth's surface. An EPO on horizontal flight would be induced north-south as based on the right-hand rule (with the index fingers pointing upwards and thumbs to the east), and may be piloted to move in other directions by use of aerodynamic controls. EPO maximum possible speed may depend on quantity of magnetic propellants attached to the craft..

Opportunity and/or calamity

Plasma is a natural stuff of the sun and stars but may not exist naturally on Earth unless produced by some unfavorable ongoing process or processes. Its possible volume below and consequences in the near term may currently be unguessable but it may be best in the meantime to review this disregarded UFO business and give it some serious thoughts as natural phenomena.

The form of travel deductible from possible natural plasma UFOs could be a natural opportunity that, like some opportunities, could also be harbinger of natural calamity. It may be important to act on the opportunity before the calamity strikes.


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