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The whole experience was the trip a few days ago I told you I was about to take. Much thought, to the point that I even decided to make several changes in the direction that I outlined.

Travel Reflections

The whole experience was the trip a few days ago I told you I was about to take. Much thought, to the point that I even decided to make several changes in the direction that I outlined. That's how powerful the experience of disconnect from everything. Many of the things I thought and the decisions I go talking to you over the next few days, in preparation for the launch of my most brilliant creation to date, which have the opportunity to meet the 17th of this month ( originally was 16 but decided to move it one day).

Go prepared from now, I promise the wait will be well worth it. And speaking of some of the thoughts that I HAVE TO SHARE WITH YOU SERIOUSLY ... do not know if you know but I lived in the Mexican Caribbean for about seven years of my life. Specifically in Cancun. In Cancun was that I lived my early years as an independent adult and as a professional. I have the fondest memories of my years in Cancun. City I left in mid-2010 in search of a new dream: to conquer the cyber world and finally achieve sustain one hundred percent of my internet ventures exclusively.

The transition was one of the hardest things I've experienced but it has all been worth it. Now I had the opportunity to go back and spend a whole week in Caribbean lands was like taking a trip back in time. To reconnect with old memories and somehow reconnect with the old me. I returned to my old bearings, I walked the streets walking at the time and visited some of the places he visited regularly. It was a trip full of joy and nostalgia. And as I moved across the length and breadth of the city seeing all the changes that had happened in my absence, as new businesses, city improvements, growth, bridges, etc.. I realized that there was also a certain amount of sadness in my heart. SADNESS?? How is it possible for someone to feel sadness during a vacation in the Caribbean? Not that I was not sad or anything like that, but I could not shake at times a certain sense of loss. Loss of all the new things I could see and I could not be part.

All good things that happened in that place before I could witness them from the beginning and therefore had not been part of it. Now I had to see all this new world through the eyes of a stranger. A foreigner who observes an event from outside, from the point of view of a mere witness. I was no longer part of the history of the city in which I grew and grew and improved me. Now it was a tourist, not a participant, the transformation of a place that will always be part of me, and that in a microscopic way I too will form part of it. This led me to think of that as something attractive ausentarte from somewhere or some process and return to see changes, see things transformed without having to "suffer" (for some) or "live" (for others) process. A little story: I remember when I was about 17 years old, by a twist of fate fell into my hands a computer game called WarCraft. It is a strategy game that combines fantasy epic military and currently is one of the most popular games in the world. When I played I was just starting the franchise.

To say that I became an addict overnight ie very little. I played it day and night, I dreamed of him. Many times I went to bed frustrated by not being able to achieve certain goals in the game and dreamed the answer, and no matter what time of the morning was, I got up, turned on the computer and started to play again until dawn. My mom hated that game because I became a zombie for several weeks until finally I could finish it and think it is so far one of the experiences in video games are more exciting and have the power to totally absorb me. It is so dangerous that game for me that I swore not to approach him anymore after stopping at that time (I broke promise twice, many and many years later).

The second time I played was in college. On a walk through the supermarket accidentally saw the sequel to the game that had caused me so much trouble years ago. I tried to resist buying it for several days but finally I overcame the temptation and bought it, promising myself ME THAT THIS TIME YES could control. After two days of playing continuously and even MISSING SOME OF MY CLASSES for being so immersed in my huge epic battles and my cyber conquests (of which no one understood the magnitude and importance) decided it was not worth failing a semester for a game (because in that direction the story was outlined). So I made a decision: I MADE TRAP codes found on the internet about you in seconds allowed to do things that honestly would take hours or even impossible to do. From Soon my armies had unlimited resources, ultra-powerful weapons, and spells invincible warriors instantly destroying enemy armies and fortresses. It was a dream come true ... (Or at least that's what I thought at first).

Having cheated saved me weeks of play. In less than two days the game was over and gone totally triumphant. But it was a hollow victory. You could say that all the fun of the game is gone. I finished it just because I said I would but was not really something I enjoy. The saved me work it required mastering each of the weapons, skills, strategies, spells and everything else that was necessary to master to master the game and achieve victories honest left me with a very bad taste in the end. You could say that my overwhelming victories were by force rather than skill. There was a gradual growth and development of my skills gradually to allow me to know and learn to use the resources they had. No learning. The victories achieved were not a reflection of my evolution as a strategist, administrator or warrior and that stole the real pleasure of victory, which was never mine and was totally empty simply because an end by the wrong means never give you the same satisfaction. I stayed a bad taste in my mouth that I never play that game franchise until over a decade later, but that's another story. The bottom line here is that the skip stages, the get around to things I had to do in order to develop the skills needed to develop in order to achieve the goals I wanted to achieve stole the flavor experience. I reached the end but there was no satisfaction, there was joy, there was the moment of pride you feel when you achieve something you had a hard time achieving. Like I said, it was a hollow victory. All that came to my mind while resting on these holidays. He thought of everything learned through hard work is what makes every victory has a great taste. I think that since there are people began to see the internet as a vehicle to reach their financial goals have been trying to skip or around that which will give you the foundation, knowledge and growth to reach the next level. I keep seeing people who only concentrate on the part of "Make Money Online" without focusing on the part of "Contribute or Service to Others" and I in my story I focused only on reaching the ultimate goal of treating me skip all intermediate steps. The online earning as much as the internet generate outside will always be a reflection of how much you have grown and learned as an entrepreneur.

How much help and how much you contribute. It gives me a great impotence to see so many of my colleagues continue selling the "Make Money Online" as an end in itself, deceiving hundreds of people with that dream and are leaving them heartbroken. Very few of them actually speak the truth and explain how it achieves a real business GROW online. I sold the idea of ​​"Skipping the hard part" to go directly to the crop. Looking for amusement how we can expect to reap something you never sow. In short. There are many things I want to tell that emerged in the wake of my internet disconnection. Even decided to start a new blog because the domain "Make Money Online" was a domain I bought when SEO was important that you had an exact domain, which is not the case. I never liked that name because it promotes precisely the talk of the crop without even mentioned planting is required.


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I would like to travel more, you should add some pictures of your trip so we can see them

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