Travel Destinations: Jiangsu Province, China

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This article explores Jiangsu Province as a great destination.

Travel Destinations: Jiangsu Province, China

Travel Destinations: Jiangsu Province, China
Known as the ‘land of fish and rice’ from early Chinese history, Jiangsu Province is one of the wealthiest provinces in China, not only through money but in terms of cultural attractions, ethnicities and history. It is a lush province, wet and fertile, the perfect place for agriculture. Because of this, its neighbouring provinces have always been envious.
Jiangsu is home to the Grand Canal, mostly silted up, but still able to take you down its waters, a highly popular tourist attraction. Navigating the Grand Canal takes you pass some of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, as well as rich ancient hamlets and sleepy villages.
The capital of the province, Nanjing is a city the draws visitors from far and wide. It is one of China’s loveliest cities, a mixture of high modern buildings within a setting of beautiful parks, peaceful lakes and surrounded everywhere by graceful flowers swaying in the breeze.
With such a long history, Nanjing is home to some of China’s most wonderful cultural attractions – there are so many here that you will need to stay for at least three to four days just to take them all in at once. You can visit Zijin Mountain, also known as Purple-Gold Mountain; the Sun Yat Mausoleu, the resting place of Dr Sun who is the father of modern China.
Other places you can visit include the Ming Xiaoling Tomb, Linghua Pagoda and Linghua Temple, Zixia Lake, Wind Pine Pavilion, the Botanic Gardens, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum, the Memorial Hall of the Nanjing Massacre, the Yangzi River Bridge, the Ming Palace Ruins and many more.
An hour away from Nanjing, this was one of China’s most famous cities for silk production. Here, you can relax in Jinshan Park, visit the famous Jinshan Temple as well as four famous caves, two being the Buddhist Sea and White Dragon Caves.
Jiao Mountain is another tourist hotspot here, renowned for its lusciousness and the beauty of the area. North Hill Park has been likened to an oasis in the middle or an urban junle; Zhenjiang Museum houses some interesting displays of artefacts relating to the cities and surrounding area’s history.
This is a wonderful city, rich in history and big in character. Come here to explore the many sights. Some of the best includes Slender west Lake Park, Ge Garden, He Garden, Yangzhou Potted Plant Garden – as you can guess, Yangzhou is famous for its many beautiful parks.
The city can also boasts some stunning temples – Daming Tewmple is one of the best. Do not miss out on the chance to visit Qilling Pagoda, the Tang city walls, the Han Dynasty Tomb Museum, the Tomb of Puhading and Yangzhou City Museum.
Lake Tai is one of the most popular places to visit in Jiangsu Province by both Westerners and Chinese. It is a simply stunning place, a freshwater lake scattered with 90 or so islands. Surrounded with lush green rolling hills and fields growing tea, this is truly one of the most beautiful places in China. Come here to relax and explore some of the historical attractions scattered around.
One of the many canal towns dotted along the Grand Canal, Tongli is a truly beautiful place to relax and explore. The town is divided by the canal, and criss-crossed by a series of ancient stone bridges, making the town something out of an ancient Chinese movie or story.
Jiangsu is home to so many more places – vibrant cities, lovely towns and sleepy villages – that it is impossible to remark on them all here. A trip to Jiangsu will stay with you forever. So what are you waiting for?


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