Travel Destinations: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

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This article explores Hohhot in Inner Mongolia as a great place to visit.

Travel Destinations: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

Travel Destinations: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

Hohhot was founded in the 16th century by Altan Khan who named in Huhehaote or Hushi, and is considered one of the remotest cities in China. Known as the Green City in Mongolian, this is one of the two places tourists come to for the grasslands.

It is here that travellers can visit traditional yurts and go horseback riding, sip milk tea and sing and dance, as well as sampling traditional cuisine and staying at one of these yurts. The grasslands are remote stretches of land, usually with no one else in sight, making it one of the few places in China where you can get away from the crowded streets. In addition to this, it is an incredibly hauntingly beautiful place to be.

Hohhot is a city with a rich and long history and because of this, has many different interesting and cultural places for you to visit. The Wuta Pagoda (Wuta Si) is an elegant five tired pagoda with a distinct Indian feel to it. It was created in 1732 and the highlight here is the Mongolian star chart in the rear with a faded engraving on the Diamond Sutra in Sanskrit.

Da Zhao (Danan Jie) is a massive and impressive lamasery that is still an active temple today. If you visit the main hall, you can see the monks praying and chanting. Across from here, you can visit Xilitu Zhao (Danan Jie) which is the supposed stomping ground of the 11th Living Buddha of Hohhot, although he actually works somewhere completely different.

The Great Mosque (Qingzhen Dasi) is located in the north part of town and a great place to visit. It is built in the Chinese architectural style during the Qing Dynasty and has been expanded several times since then. As long as you don’t go into the main prayer hall, non-Muslims can still look around this beautiful mosque.

The Inner Mongolia Museum (Nei Menggu Bowuguan) has some fascinating displays, including a vast collection of Mongolian saddles, archery equipment and traditional costumes, as well as introductions into the other different ethnic groups living in the region.

A trip to Hohhot wouldn’t be complete without a tour to the grasslands. There are organised tours into here that generally go to one of three destinations – Xilamuren, Gegentala or Huitengxile. The former is the closest and the most popular with tourists.
One of the best times to come here is when the weeklong festival of Naadam occurs, usually sometime between mid-July and August. Traditional Mongolian sports such as horse-racing, archery and wrestling takes place at the horse racing grounds called saimachang in the north of the city.

Hohhot is a wonderful place to visit. Hauntingly beautiful, the memories you take away with you last for a lifetime.


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