Traffic Issues in Bangkok

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This describes the current traffic situation in Bangkok, the major traffic problems and the best solutions.

Issues and Solutions

As everyone knows, the streets of Bangkok are a mess, and even more what is going on, on the streets. There is always traffic where ever you go, whether you want to go to work in the morning, go home after work, or go out on the weekend, you’re always going to be stuck in traffic or at a never changing traffic light.

The roads are one of the most common places to die. Statistics show that last year one person was killed every 36 minutes, which means that over one year more than 14,000 people die on the road because of traffic problems in Bangkok alone. This number could go up to 20,000 if you count those who die after they have been taken off the crash scene. In 2007 more than 12,000 people died in crashes and more than 75,000 were injured, this puts Thailand in the top 20 most dangerous countries for road accidents.

On some cross sections around Bangkok there isn’t even a traffic light. Traffic lights should be installed where ever possible, but installing traffic lights also means setting then to sensible timings, because that’s the problem with many of the already installed traffic lights.

All the cars on the road also cause lots of pollution, which contributes to global warming very much. So public transport would be a good idea. It isn’t only more environmentally friendly but it also decreases the number of cars on the road, which will lighten the traffic. Non motorized transport like bicycles would also reduce the traffic.

Bangkok is known as a bus city. Buses are a good form of public transport, but there just isn’t enough space for so many cars and buses. An easy solution would be building bigger roads. Bangkok may seem to be covered by lots of roads, but it isn’t compared to other cities like Tokyo.

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