Top 5 Reasons for being Refused Entry Anywhere

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Are you ready to travel? Well you may think you are ready for that international trip, but the immigration official may have different ideas. Here are several reason why you will no get let into the country of your destination.

Vacation or Visiting?

When people visit other lands they assume that they have an automatic right of admission, then they stand in front of the immigration official, who scans their passport, looks at the information they have on their computer screen examines your passport, before sternly saying "No". Whether or not you have a visa and even if you have been to the country twenty times before you can still be refused at the border today, many people assume that the border officer is acting randomly, yet they have had much training and know the signs to look out for before letting you cross the border. Here are the top reasons why you might be refused admission.

Before you read on think about how your entry into their country is viewed by the immigration officer that you see at the border and remember that they do have a primary duty to keep out undesirable people and what is meant by that is that they will not allow people to enter unless they are satisfied that they will leave again in a few weeks.

1 One-way Ticket

This is the clearest indication that you are there to stay.

Broadly the only people who should purchase a one-way ticket are citizens or permanent residents of the country in question. Immigration needs to know that you do intend to leave their country at some point in the near future. When you purchase a return or onwards ticket this is a clear indicator that you wish to stay for a little while, then go on somewhere else and in most countries there are people who will be able to assist you in changing your travel plans, for a small cost, if you ever need to change your onward travel plans.

2 No Luggage

There is a common myth that this is a clear sign that the traveller is only staying for a short amount of time (rather like giving the impression that they are a business man going to a meeting for the day), but to the immigration official this is a clear sign that they intend to stay and make this their new home, they are behaving like a refugee, desperate to leave the land they lived in and prepared to abandon ship laving everything behind, yet they are not seeking asylum, they are coming on holiday.

There are other indicators that they intend to stay, one being that they have close relatives in their destination country who are willing to support them, many such visitors also do not have enough money for their stay.

3 Not Enough Funds

If the traveller does not have enough funds (or access to credit cards) to support their time in the the country then this is a clear indicator that they intend to find work in order to support their stay. Travellers have money, don' they? Having a pre-paid hotel room will assist with this because accommodation is the greatest cost in staying anywhere, but this does not guarantee you can stay because if you are unemployed at home likelihood is you will be looking for work in the country you are visiting.

Now of course there are guide books that talk about visiting New York on $10 per day or less, but these are NOT part of the official reading of the immigration officer, and they will have their own guidelines - it is always better to take more cash and return home with it later. Credit cards are always assumed to have plenty of credit available on them.

4 No Proof of Income or Insufficient Paperwork

People have been refused entry because they have been unable to prove that they do have a job in their home country. Think about it having proof of income is all about proving that you intend to be going back after your vacation, even having a letter from your employer will help.

The other thing if you are going for a hospital or other appointment then there is an expectation that you will bring all the necessary paperwork with you, proof of the invitation etc. you may have needed these when applying for a visa, but you also need them at the port of entry.

5 Criminal Record

Countries like USA and Canada share information about criminal records and this can make all the difference between travelling to your intended destination or not getting past the border post. Truth is your past follows you into the future.

I was told a story recently about a woman who was refused entry into the USA because of an arrest hat happened in 1986. She had no other criminal record and was not even convicted after the arrest, but that was enough to refuse her entry at that time. Canada regularly refuses people who have a DUI record, because in Canada it is considered a crime.

You might want to check whether things from your past can catch up with you before leaving and have those things pardoned.

Are you Ready to Travel

The best things in life are all worth the effort taken, this is true for the small vacation you intend to take .

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
17th Feb 2014 (#)

Good evening, Peter; great and practical advice on travel. The world is a different place than when I spent time in Europe with a backpack, a few dollars and a passport. It is even harder just to travel by air within the states than it used to be. Hopefully, with your examples, people will understand how much they have to have in order to travel. ~Marilyn

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author avatar Mariah
17th Feb 2014 (#)

Very useful information Peter, forewarned is forearmed for any
issues that may arise in these situations.

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author avatar Sylvia
17th Feb 2014 (#)

Hello Peter,
Your article is very informative not only for the first time traveller, but even the most seasoned one. Rules and regulations change along with the current status of the would be traveller.
Good article.

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author avatar Dark-Warrior
17th Feb 2014 (#)

Good informative article

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Feb 2014 (#)

Useful tips, Peter, thank you. To be refused entry will come as a shocker as, you rightly said, we take it for granted. The only entry that is to be taken for granted is our return journey that will be confirmed not by us! siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
17th Feb 2014 (#)

well you surely have laid it out well Peter...thank you...

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author avatar Retired
18th Feb 2014 (#)

Good information, Peter, especially for first time travellers. I have never had any problems with immigration in any country (so far), but it pays to stay sharp. Having a clean, smart appearance is important. Standing in front of an immigration officer in a singlet, shorts and sandals does not create a good impression (unless you are carrying a surf board).

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
19th Feb 2014 (#)

Nice post and informative as well! Fact filled in every word!

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author avatar Jack Goblin
19th Feb 2014 (#)

MOST interesting. And useful.

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