Top 10 Cities that You Cannot Avoid Visiting

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Having an awesome holiday is not about how much money one has on budget but on which place they will spend their holiday in. Probably, you have visited a particular place only to find that your expectations were not met. This is because you did not take your time to read about what to expect in such places and whether they match your dream vacation. Here is a list of cities along with their famous attractions to help you make the right choice about any holiday destination.

Top 10 Cities that You Cannot Avoid Visiting

1. PARIS; world-class center for art collections and amazing atmosphere
It is not a surprise that you will find millions of people heading to Paris. The atmosphere that this city has along with its vast art collections as well as its cuisine plays a significant role as far as drawing millions of people annually is concerned. River Seine flows gently which adds on to the elegance brought about by the bordering Neo-classic-design architecture, Rococo blocks, centuries-old churches and stately museums. In addition, glowing streetlamps and charming trees enhance the ambience. Along the Seine River are cobbled walks that are used by Parisians especially when walking to cafes, cinema or even to the market.
Here, you will be treated to all sorts of splendor not only from the divine cuisine, fashion, or world-class museums but also from areas such as Centre Pompidou, Les Halles’ boutiques or even Eiffel Tower where one can view the entire city from. There are many gourmet restaurants dotted everywhere in Paris. As such, visitors can be served to anything of their choice, whether nouveaux bistro fare or even Asian fusion dishes.

2. BARCELONA; for diverse history and exquisite wine and food
Are you looking for authentic history as well as wildly bizarre? Then Barcelona is the place to visit. Enjoy the beautiful arrangement of trees in Las Rambas or even the narrow alleys that are found in Barri Gotic. The city is full of nightclubs and numerous sacred cathedrals and churches. Barcelona, at times fits the name ‘the city by the sea’ and its setting is one that attracts all types of visitors; from the adventurer, through the couple to the culture lover. In fact, there is everything for everybody such that even if one stays for a number of days, it is difficult that they will have exhausted exploring the city.
Las Rambas hosts most of the activities. Streets here are created by nightclubs and restaurants. You will find everything that you need in the pedestrian market. However, a tour to places like La Sagrada, Casa Batllo and Parc Güell will slice your holiday with enjoyment added to the diverse shopping experience as well as the exquisite wine and food served in the region. From the foregoing, Barcelona is not the place to go for a short visit. One really needs enough time to make the best out of the visit.
3. LONDON; for everything that life can afford.
"You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford." These are exact words of Samuel Johnson, who was an English writer. Though it is nearly more two centuries since Samuel uttered these words, the truth of the words can be attested even in the present times. London offers an invigorating life to any single person who pays a visit. Two millennia have seen London standing and its elegance is second to none. For example, historic places such as the Tower of London or even the Tate Modern are places that you cannot afford to miss while in London.
London plays the leader in music, fashion, banking as well as politics. Besides, it offers world-class food, ranging from Malaysian to Modern British. However, the culture compass here is at all times pointing to the next big thing.

4. MAUI; a foodie destination
If you have been to Kauai, Oahu, Lanai or the Big Island, you will realize that Maui does not equal to the Big Island as this is large. In addition, Lanai is much smaller compared to Maui while there is more activity in Oahu. On the other hand, Maui is not as noisy as Kauai. This is the town that prides in its ability to offer virtually a taste of everything that is there to be desired. Think of titillating culture, amazing history or even impressive wildlife. Maui combines life with reality; there are all sorts of things to keep you occupied in this town. Think of shimming together with expert hula prima ballerina or even golfing along the coastline. Kaanipali Beach on the other hand, will offer you comfort in its sands where one can lie while being soothed by music from the neighborhood.
The food served here is out of this world. Something that has earned Maui a reputation as far as food is concerned. It combines world cultures in its cuisine with local ones. Evidently, you will definitely find a thing or two to keep you entertained while on a visit to Maui.
5. NEW YORK CITY; leader in art, fashion and world-class food
New York City is definitely a must-visit. Its atmosphere depicts a city that is cool, cosmopolitan and full of all sorts of people and above all, continuously evolving. It is famous for its towering skyscrapers as well as the Gotham’s iconic landmarks. NYC is surrounded by boroughs and distinctive neighborhoods that are permeated by a vibrant culture. You will never lack a place to visit while in this city. For example, you can spend a day admiring cutting-edge collections of fine art at Met and MoMa. As well, one can visit trendy coffee shops, iconic bakeries, and sleek shops along the Fifth Avenue as well as indie boutiques.
New York is a most populated city of U.S and one that tops the list on art, fashion and food. As such, New York City needs one to have stamina. However, it is advisable that you shun from being lured into the frenetic sights of the Big Apple as well as its sounds as they might overawe one from wringing up its opulence. Every corner you go, you will meet roaring taxicabs and pedestrians moving at high speeds to secure their places in cocktail bars or even heading to marquee galleries. Evidently, you will have a thing or two to keep you occupied while in New York City.
6. SAN FRANCISCO; for charming culture and striking lifestyle
Intriguing neighborhoods, attractive views are the reason behind the fact that San Francisco draws millions of visitors each single year. The free-spirited and the likes with a big eye for oversensitive art as well as those who have a zeal for adventure or those who find pleasure in imaginative cuisine form a large percentage of this town’s visitors. San Francisco prides itself in a number of cozy cafes, world-class cuisine and nightlife venues that are plenty and booming. Such, make the city very busy with all sorts of activities. Any visitor to San Francisco can sun themselves on the bay alongside sea lions, take a stroll along the Marina or enjoy a view of the entire city by just visiting the Twin Peaks. Cable cars are available in case you want an archetypal San Franciscan experience.
Usually, San Francisco is described as refined cousin to Los Angeles but one that is cool with a charm like no other as far as its mish-mash culture, culinary scene and lifestyle is concerned.
7. PUERTO RICO; for serenity
One does not require any form of science to determine Puerto Rico’s charm. Puerto Rico is an island that is under the U.S and takes only three hours for one to fly from Miami to this magnificent city. Here, you will find surfing waves that can go up to 20 feet as well as clear waters that is suitable for families. Rico is a mix of exhilarating sites that take in the El Yunque serpentine jungle and the Parque de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy corkscrew caves.
The island of Culebra as well as that of Vieques offer seclusion to visitors who do not want to be anywhere around civilization. Besides, there are blanched beaches here where travelers can relax. If you are not relaxing on the sands or on the islands, probably you will find pleasure in the amazing nightlife in the Santurce area where you will definitely catch scintillating music to liven your evening. Puerto Rico will treat you to a culture (from music to food) that combines indigenous Taino, Northern American and Caribbean ancestry.
8. SYDNEY; best for scintillating vacation and dining experience
Think of a town by the sea. Definitely you will find surfers riding everywhere along the waves as well as beach bums lazily lying on the sands. With such an imagination, bring in to picture a landscape that takes in skyscrapers jagged horizon and one that is full of iconic landmarks such as the opera house or even the stunning bridge. Of course if you add sun-kissed and fashion forward cosmopolitans, such is the picturesque description of Sydney.
As such, Sydney stands as the best choice for any anyone on a first time Aussie visit. Sydney has a mixed personality as seen from the town’s world-class restaurants, lovely beaches as well as a hoard of fascinating things to do. Besides, visitors are treated to a mix of sophisticated metropolis and carefree Australia. Sydney offers cover for any sort of vacation right from high octane trip accompanied by partying, shopping and dining or a laid-back vacation where you can surf in the enormous Tasman Sea waves.
9. US VIRGIN ISLANDS; brings life to reality with its amazing attractions
Caribbean Paradise is the name that best describes the U.S. Virgin Islands. Perhaps one wonders why such a big name. Here, visitors are treated to all sorts of live events. For example, they are entertained by the dance of moko jumbies parading at a Carnival, get to listen to the lilting cants from the Creole vernacular or even enjoy the salt fish pate smell. Any visitor to the U.S Virgin Islands can tour St. Croix, St. Thomas or St. John. Alternatively, one can decide to spend their visit at the three islands. As such, all the pampering come tumbling on one single piece; think of the colonial history and the undisturbed nature.
For luxury, St. Thomas Island tops the list with mega-yachts all over the harbor as well as world-class storefronts dotted along the Main Street. St. John Island gracefully treats its visitors with beautiful nature. There are numerous pristine beaches along with dedicated parklands making the island suitable for visitors on honeymoon. On the other hand, St. Croix hosts rum distilleries and sugar cane plantations, which draws its visitors to the Islands’ present and past. You will notice that the dress code here is casual but conservative. You will be marked a tourist if you wear sandals or even a bathing suit anywhere around the beaches.
There are many places that one can eat from while visiting the Virgin Islands; an assortment of restaurants choices right from fast food joints and affordable diners to tablecloth establishments.

10. VANCOUVER; for any form of adventure
Going by the standards set by North America, Vancouver can be described as a young city. There is no much for this city to pride in as far as history is concerned; however, its scenery compensates this. The mountains and beaches that surround Vancouver make it both a natural playground as well as an urban. Its serene ambience, boutiques that command elegance as well as partiality for health-conscious eating gave Vancouver a nickname-‘Hollywood North.’ Besides, its natural setting offers a backdrop suitable for motion pictures and television shows. In fact most shows such as ‘The Twilight Saga’ and the ‘Supernatural’ were shot here.
Vancouver is a mitten-shaped city that sits on the western edge of Canada and houses all sorts of activities. Your adventurous side of the visit will be beckoned by skiing, white-water rafting, kayaking, hiking and mountain biking. There is everything for everyone such as family friendly attractions for young kids as well as top-notch museums suitable for cold weather. Adding nightlife scenes, dining and excellent shopping to such, one understands the reasons as to why Vancouver is highly praised as the preferred destination for travelers who are multi-faceted.


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I have actually been to one of your top 10 -- Vancouver! But I think your title is misleading. Obviously, there are people who CAN and DO avoid going to these places. For example, without a whole lot more money than what is in my bank account right now, I am never leaving the North American Continent. Not even to go to Hawaii or the Virgin Islands. Just can't afford it. Which means overseas travel is certainly out of the question. Thank goodness a Canadian city made your list. (I'm an American who has never been to NY.) Had DC been on your list, or Seattle, or Orlando -- I have been to all three of those places! ;)

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