This legend will tempt us to go to Portugal

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Popular legends are hardly ever true stories, but they have been told so often and related to the land where it was supposed to happen that one may think that they may have been true.

This legend will tempt us to go to Portugal

Legends may be true or they may not, but the thing is that these popular stories that have been told and retold from one generation to another pass as true ones.
Being curious about the legend of the Cock of Portugal may be an excuse or perhaps a travelling treat to know Barcelos and Braga north of Portugal.
Portugal is a fine country for a holiday letting aside the popular and ever so crowded Algarve in the south that many Portuguese say it isn't Portugal, really. This is one of the European countries where they have preserved their historical and artistic heritage best and it's worth visiting.
It isn't very expensive and their people are friendly and polite enoug without overdoing it.


It is said that there was once a “gallego” man (*) who was going from Barcelos to the Upper Miño River, which is a river shared by Portugal and Spain, and he was on his way to to Santiago de Compostela.
On his way, he was arrested and accused of having robbed his master's silver ware. He was then condemned to be hanged. When he was about to climb up on the scaffold, he begged them to see the judge for a last time to tell him about his innocence.
He was brought in front of the judge, who, at that moment, was eating a roasted cock. Then, the man said that if he was not hanged, the cock was going to stand up and to start crowing. The judge didn't pay attention to what the man was telling him and went on eating.
This man was hanged when the judge left his plate aside and the cock stood up to start crowing. The man saved his life because of some knots of the string had been done badly and he achieved to escape.
This man returned to Barcelos years later to sculpt the cock that saved his life and it's being shown in the museum of Barcelos.


Besides the cock that gave fame to Barcelos, this is an interesting town to visit when in Portugal for its medieval monuments, towers and its picturesque looks and atmosphere, but needless to say that in Spring, Summer and late Autumn will be months to go there for their several festivals and its flea market by the Cadavos River.
The flea market is on every Thursday and it'll be important to go to Barcelos on such a day, because and being this market an important one in Portugal, the atmosphere changes a great deal as it becomes a vibrant and colourful town.
In the first week of May, they hold what is known as the Festival of Crosses as it's also held in the south of Spain with a variety of leisure activities and to show and sell their local crafts of which the famous cock is made on a variety of pottery items.
At the end of July, one may visit and to take part in their folk music and dances or knowing their cock craft competition on the third week end of October.
Portuguese gastronomy is a rich one with a variety of dishes, but roasted cock is a popular one in the menus of every restaurant.
(*) "Gallego" is a native person from Galicia in north west Spain bordering with Portugal.

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