The top 5 reasons why I would not spend a penny at the major casinos in Las Vegas

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There are too many things wrong with casinos in Las Vegas. I would like to leak them like Snowden Edward did. Please see my leaks.

Why I won't give casino my business

They bully employees

They bully employees cause they're the ones with the jobs. They made us go on 6 jobs interviews. They make you audition like animals. I dislike the audition process. These are real jobs with licenses and college degree requirement. Why must we audition? An interview is more respectful, please don't make monkey circuit out of us.
They give us really harsh review process. They secret shop us so often for a ten dollars job. They should be paying us more if they're going to make us go through the ridiculous process. They make you sign weight contract if you're a cocktail waitress.
This is insanely wrong since chubby people are attractive too. They sure can attract people with their mind and personality. Believe it or not, a dumb six feet tall model can't do a lot of things for some men. They're too dumb and not good for anything except that you give them lots of tips.
If you want real people to like your casino, start using real people, since most real men don't like dealing with dumb, stuck up model anyways.

They discriminate

If you ask a burger server to look like a model in order to get hire, then you are discriminating against them regarding looks, and age. There are no fourty years old
model look alike who can apply for this kind of job. If you are old and not pretty then you will not be able to get a job that deals with guests for sure. If this is not discrimination, then I don't know what it is. In order to bartend in a casino, you must also look like a model. When customers are drunk, they can't tell how you look like and they're there to get drunk
with their friends and there is no chance that they will bring home the bartender so chill it.

More reasons why I despise casinos

They have terrible management

Management in Vegas is so poor in quality. They're under educated. They have a high school diploma sometimes, and try to interview someone who has an MBA, which is not fair.

If you're going to have High School graduate runs your casino, at least pay for their tuition so they can learn to be better people and manager. You embarrassed all managers out there.

We're not scam artists like the rest of your management team. Your management lack ethics, we have to bribe them just to get a good job review that we deserve. Yet, you big boss who owns the place don't know any of this cause you're too good to watch over your employees.

They rob the public

They get rich by robbing innocent tourists at the slot machines and at the table games and then at the bars. I have no respect for this kind of business. You do not make the world a better place to live.

You destroy it by making people addicted to alcohol and gaming and they end up losing their home, wife, kids and their lives. They end up losing everything. Some tourists lost everything that they end up
begging on the strip for cash.

They cause high unemployment

They do everything to keep people from getting jobs by setting ridiculous model standards for most jobs, where you must look like models in order to get jobs.
You must have 36cc in order to serve alcohols or food. You must sleep with your boss for a promotions. You will get fire if you say something about it.


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