The sacredness of Kailash Dham Shiva Temple in Jalore.

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The article speaks about the sacredness and piousness of Kailash Dham temple in Jalore. It is a Shiva Temple where devotees flock to give puja.

Kailash Dham temple.

The Shiva Temple at Kailash Dham in Jalore is a very sacred temple. It is situated at 150 kilometers away from the city of Jodhpur.


The exact location of the temple is related to place called Bishangarh. It was previously called Betu. It is around 15 kilometers from Jalore town.

Southern Rajasthan.

Jalore is situated at Southern Rajasthan. So the Kailasha Dham temple is also situated in Jalore which is a bordering area with state of Gujarat.


The temple is surrounded by huge area. It is tiled road that takes the pilgrims from the gate to the temple which is some distance away.

Painting work.

Presently painting work is going on in Kailash Dham temple. There is bamboo construction which are tied to the main structure.


The Statue of Lord Shiva is huge. The caves are created on either sides of the temple and pilgrims enter the caves to give puja.


There is huge tiling done within the entire area where the Kailash Dham temple is situated. It is a large area and visitors are expected to come there bare feet.

Place to remove shoes.

There is a separate place for removing shoes. Presently there is no entry fees to visit the Kailash Dham temple. Whatever visitors are supposed to donate they can give in daan pethi.


There is water in front of the temple. Visitors and pilgrims are expected to cross it and enter the temple.


There is an idol of turtle in front of the temple. It is in front of the cave. It is kept facing the cave of Lord Shiva.


The reason why the turtle or tortoise had been kept is as follows. When we try to touch or harm a tortoise, it will take his legs and head inside his shell, hence this signifies that even humans should withdraw all his senses from our material world, which in Hindi we say Moh-Maya nahi rakhni chahiye.


Its the way that tortoise hatches its eggs, they don't sit over their eggs to hatch, instead they constantly look at them, and hence it is kept facing lord shiva which signifies that one should concentrate while praying the god.

Source of images: "The photos are taken from the private camera of Dr Souvik Chatterji during visit to Jalore on 25th September, 2015"


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author avatar Souvik
27th Sep 2015 (#)

The temple requires publicity.

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28th Sep 2015 (#)

Interesting page.

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author avatar Souvik
29th Sep 2015 (#)

Thanks Randhirji, many people in India till now are not aware about the Mandir.

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