The island of Spetses

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The island of Spetses is located in the Argo-saronic surrounded by other beautiful islands and green-blue waters. It is the perfect vocation spot and historic site all in one beautiful island.Spetses history goes back to 1821 with the great Greek independence leaders.


Spetses is a small island with another tiny island next to it called Spetsopoula. It has beautiful 1821 statues from the warriors of the Greek independence and magnificent leaders too. One of the greatest legends in the 1821 war was the famous Laskarina Bouboulina a great navy captain that changed the history of women in Greece, her statue still stands today at the islands port waiting for tourists to approach Spetses. For a small island it holds a lot of history and different tourist attractions. Spetses was also known for making great naval ships during the 1821 war, after the war the people of Spetses enjoyed having big festivals for winning the Ottomans and getting Greece back.

The statue of Laskarina Bouboulina

The statue of Bouboulina sits at the port of Spetses ''watching for sailors'' as the towns people say, because she has her hand across her forehead watching for ships far away. Today there are many tourists that come to the island and must take a picture with the 1821 legend she played a tremendous role in Greek history and even today in schools everyone learns first about the woman that changed war in one day from the Ottomans.

Bouboulinas House in Spetses

Bouboulinas house sits on the middle of the port so she could watch the sips come in and out of the port, but specifically she use to watch for the any enemy ships intruding the island. The house was designed with canons outside to protect the building and it had an odd design to it to mix up the Ottomans. Today the house became a museum and because of being very big they have a tour guide so the tourists can tour around without getting lost. Inside the house it has big living rooms and dining rooms and wonderful balcony's with a beautiful view of the sea ahead and other islands around. Spetses not only has a beauty, but also has a very big history from 1821 and still today attracts many tourists from around Europe from it's alluring views.


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Seems as an interesting island to visit.

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thank you Anastasia for bringing this place to our notice...

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