The island of Hydra

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The island of Hydra is located in the Argo-saronic region of Greece with small other islands. Its location is next to peloponnese it is a wide mountain island with many churches and one beautiful port with many fish boats and sea taxis for the near islands and the capital city of Athens.

Hydra ''Argo-Saronic''

Hydra is a historic island with many beautiful mysteries and hidden treasures too. There are many sports to do there from windsurfing to diving and waterskiing. The island also has great tourist attractions from being a mountainous island. The island is also known for its big castle located in the middle of the port, the famous ''Boy on a dolphin'' statue and 1957 movie. The island of Hydra also is known for their good sponge divers and good fisherman too. It is a wonderful island with great beauties and history that its described the minute you enter the island.

The castle of Hydra

The castle is located in the middle of the port still guarding the people of Hydra. The castle was built in 1821 for protection from the Turks and for watching the enemies ships coming from far away. The islanders back in 1821 were great captains and used to built big ships for the war. Today the castle is a museum that has become a great tourist attraction every year the tourists enjoy a tour around the castle and take pictures of it inside and outside. It is a wonderful experience and it is great for everyone to learn about the history of the castle, it is beautiful and well organized inside with many traditional costumes, the guns, and canons, and on top of the castle the national flag of Hydra.

The flag of Hydra

The flag of Hydra that sits on top of the castle today goes all the way back to 1821 and it has a wonderful meaning behind it with beautiful bright colors it tells a magnificent story about the Greek men that were slaved by the Ottomans and fought to get their freedom back, the cross in the middle describes that when they were under the ottoman rule they still believed in God above and nobody would change their Orthodox belief. And the sun sitting on top of the cross describes that the Greeks believed that one day the sun would shine on top of them and will beat the enemy and get their freedom back. And last the Blue color in the background indicates the blue skies of Hydra that were blue as the sea was, those are the wonderful meanings of Hydras flag.

The boy on a dolphin statue

One of the great wonders of Hydra is the statue of the boy on a dolphin. Legend had it that there was a big ship carrying ancient statues from Deilos to Hydra and a big storm drowned the ship and it did not make it to the island. After in 1957 the movie came out showing how the islanders found the statue by diving for sponges. The statue still is standing at the same position that it was placed back then it has become a wonderful tourist attraction and everyone talks about it when they see it, the statue has a beautiful ancient history and is a wonderful statue to begin with, the statue has become Hydras pride of finding a beautiful piece of ancient history after all they been through with the ottoman war and wanting to gain freedom from the enemy.


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