The impulse of voyages and travels

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Leisure, pleasure, recreations, prosperity are motivating stimulants that for the mass movement of people to different continents for tours and travels.

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The interest in travel both domestic and international is increasing rapidly. Economic air fares, international public charter flights and packaged trips and tours is making the way in the travel business. Every traveler needs proper assistance and guidance. Traveler should be dealt with good travel agents. They must make reservations, arrange necessary documents and make necessary arrangements for transportation. A desired arrangement includes hotels, transfers, cruises, tours, sight seeing, special event and other land arrangements. The opportunities for career positions and promotions for the travel agents are endless. People with prior experience in sales and money handling can work for teacher, waitresses, flight attendant, secretaries and travel guide. Since earlier times travel has always a significant role and a source of great fascination for mankind. Tour to new destinations, change of environment, ne cultures, and discovery, garnering new and evergreen experiences is always the passion for human society. With modern day and the rapid development, introduction of transport and communication make the whole world shrinks ever before and make it a smaller place to live. Less than a century ago, people thought the journey to a few hundred miles is very lengthy and tiring affair. IN modern times people move from one place to another in the continent among continents within few hours. Leisure, pleasure, recreations, prosperity are motivating stimulants that for the mass movement of people to different continents for tours and travels.

Tourism is always people’s passion. It is the main source of employment; it is labor intensive and offering employment of thousand of persons. It is a service industry, and it is for local people to earn their major chunk of income and long term employment. It is reducing unemployment and underemployment and making equitable balance of transferred money partly to another region in the shape of expenses incurred by the tourists. Economic beneficiary for the country is in terms of earning foreign exchange and employment generation. It contributes to the improvement of social and political understanding among different parts of the world. Travels among different countries promote mutual cooperation among various races and nationalities. It is fast becoming an important source of spreading ideas of cooperation, amity, unity peace and it is making cross cultural inroads and installing the profound effect upon the life styles of both the tourists and the guides. The healthy social and cultural influence is affecting o the social, cultural, economic and political institutions.

The impulse of voyages and travels goes through the traveler’s instinct since the time of ancient Indus Valley Civilizations, Imperial Rome, and the geographers of Alexandria and the philosophers of ancient Greece. All these are combined to the travels of Henry, the navigator, Columbus and more recently the voyages of Apollo II to the lunar surface and to the unmanned mission to the Mars. The greatest geographers of the ancient world are from India and Greece. They visited the distant foreign territories. They were using the rivers and the oceans to travel across the world. The railroads have played the significant role in the development of tourism in the modern day world.. It was British who perfected the design of the locomotives, introduced separate fire box, multi tubular boiler, and direct connection to the wheels, and accumulated with the steam locomotive for its out put. Later on Americans improve the gear and made the stream locomotive the perfect foe its production. The basic human desire is to fly and fly higher. Oliver Wright remained in the sky for twelve seconds covered a distance of 120 feet at 10.35 A.M. on the morning of December 17, 1903. The credit must be with Kitty Hawk who was able to fly higher and perfectly and even irritate the birds. Then Charles Lindberth flew alone across the Atlantic. Now aircrafts are flying faster than the speed of the sound. Gradually, the safety, comfort and the conveniences of the passenger became paramount considerations. Motion pictures are introduced inside the air craft to entertain the passengers. With the times the newer aeronautical facilities , landing strips , terminals ,meteorological services, communications and other technical equipment introduced in the filed of air strips. In today’s network of world’s commercial transportation inter country and the intercontinental flights is fast becoming a common place for people.


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author avatar Sheila Newton
24th Jan 2012 (#)

Great review of the travelling bug we all seem to have in this day and age - me included!

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author avatar Buzz
25th Jan 2012 (#)

The enjoyable part of traveling is the planning.:D Thanks, ittech!

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
25th Jan 2012 (#)

I think the enjoyable part of traveling is "getting there". There are not many journeys (if any) when I have enjoyed the scenery.

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author avatar Retired
9th Apr 2012 (#)

I love to travel. We like to do a European road trip whenever we can. We do not plan anything when we go, just drive and find places to stay along the way. Wonderful.

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