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Trimbak ! The Maharashtrian province primarily a celebrated place of its kind in the Hindu Mythology largely known to the world as Trimbakeswar, thats by the name of the Temple with a very strong Hindu connotation, and while looking deep into the locals' lives we still search for the beatitude.


Trimbak , a small maharashtrian province largely known to the world as Trimbakeswar.


The suffix to the province’s name(Trimbakeswar) lucid out the mythological connotation and makes an invariable stance to be on the list of Hindu pilgrimages.

A celebration of its kind!

The significance of the province is primarily encircling the presence of the 12th Jyotirling representing the 3 Hindu Almighties.. and the mood descends here is thoroughly of the same sort....with inhabitants seen exchanging their stroke of luck with the visitors.... a celebration of its kind!

Cordoned with portico

A celebrated place of its kind in the Hindu Mythology. Everyone’s pursuit to happiness/holiness begins at this point where the water passing from Godavari river is stagnated into a reservoir, which is cordoned with portico and colonnaded with pillars all across the four sides of the pool, people taking their holi dip in the pool with flowers and garlands all across. Looking around the bathers one must see different people from different corners of India but standard customs to pray to the Lord.

After the Holi bath , devotees straight away head to the main Mandir

After the Holi bath , devotees straight away head to the main Mandir , at times there is a priest to assist with the Holi chaants and also guiding you to conclude a good prayer meeting with the Lord. Looking around it is well understood that the main livelihood is being serving the lord and the devotees in their respective ways like priest , flower & garland seller , fruit seller and most important beggars, begging in the name of God, which allows them for a greater chance to get the alms from the visitors.

Trimbakeswar surely begets the holiness to all!

It seems Trimbakeswar surely begets the holiness to all! and this feeling made us more inquisitive to move around the whole province to experience the holiness and while hovering around we stopped at various small villages worth maximum of 1000 to 1200 population in each village.

Villages and their lives

Maharashtra itself is very beautifully contoured and curved with the Western Ghats so naturally Trimbakeswar being on one side of the Western Ghats made our visit worthy enough but after looking into the villages and their lives its very difficult to find the holiness persisting there.


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This is really awesome. I really enjoyed reading this.

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Thank you Nancy for your appreciation!

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