The buzzing and vibrant thrill of visiting the seaside is an unending mystery of love

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The buzzing and vibrant thrill of visiting the seaside is an unending mystery of love

The buzzing and vibrant thrill of visiting the seaside is an unending mystery of love

It was mid-term in a couple of days time and as luck would have it both Sadie and Barry would be finishing School on Thursday evening, Now with the Weather looking promising Mum and Dad decided to surprise the kids by booking a short Friday to Monday holiday at a big Holiday centre about 60miles from where they lived. Can you imagine the tumultuous response when they told them, they both shouted hooray in unison as the trip was an announced Sadie was 9 years old and the eldest, being 2 years older than Barry, she quickly blurted out, Mum I’ve made arrangements to see Susan on Friday! Don’t you want to go then? Of course I want to go, it’s a great idea Mum, well I’ll ring and tell her Mum. Then Barry pipes up, Mum don’t forget my swimming trunks! Can I go in the sea Mum? Yes, you can have a paddle Dad will take you, I’m going to collect lots of shells and build big sandcastles.
Friday morning swiftly comes round, Mum and Dad were out of bed early checking luggage, drinks and snacks in readiness for the journey. Mum shouts upstairs we’ve to be there for 11-30 to check in and get the key, Sadie calls out, Mum where’s my swimming costume? I can’t find it, it’s in the case, now make haste were running late! As forecast the weather was glorious and improved as the morning progressed. Now come along kids Dad’s waiting for us in the car. On arrival they were met by a camp security guard who directed them to reception, where they were welcomed to the camp. There were loads of leaflets of places to go and things to do both on and off the camp and also a map of the site showing us the position of our caravan for easy directions. They soon located there caravan, Mum soldiers in, right you two shoes off at the door, we don’t want loose grass all round the caravan. As they went in Dad noticed a welcome snack on the table consisting of a variety biscuits and drinks. Wow! Then Barry pipes up, Mum I can see the sea from this window over here, Sadie dashes to the window, oh yes and there’s a couple of jet skis racing around out there and there’s lots of people on the beach
Dad, Mum said you would take me for a paddle! Yes, ok Barry, just let me unload the luggage first, then we can all go to the beach. Whilst they had been in the reception area Barry had picked up a number of things to do leaflets, one he really liked was a sea trip aboard a glass bottomed boat where you can see the marine life directly below. Dad was chewing on a biscuit out of the Caravan snack pack as he called, are you ready kids? Yes were waiting for you, don’t forget the camera will you. They all loved it Mum and Dad relaxing on the beach, Barry building sandcastles and Sadie trawling the beach for shells. A couple of hours soon passed when mum decided to take some photos of the kids whilst Dad was resting after the long drive. Back at the caravan they all enjoyed some salad sandwiches which Mum had made earlier. They all decided to stay in and watch telly afterwards and have an early night.
The next day they decided to have a ride on the camp train which was free to all paying guests and went at half hour intervals. The on site facilities were unending, they had everything you could wish for, such as swimming pools / amusements / Dodgems, cafes and restaurants, etc/etc. Wow, what a fantastic few days was had by all!


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4th Jul 2010 (#)

lovely read

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15th Jul 2010 (#)

much appreciated! thank-you

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