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I love animals and these are some of the animals that I saw at the Stoneham Zoo. It was fun watching and taking pictures of these animals. If you're an animal lover I'm sure you will enjoy this article.

The Zoo

Last Friday my mom and I went to the Stoneham Zoo, in Stoneham, Massachusetts: we've already been to the Franklin Zoo, so all the animals from different continents have been covered. It was time to take a look at the animals that are, for the most part, in and around the same continent. The Stoneham Zoo held some fantastic animals indigenous to the United States, South America, and Canada...

Below are a few of the favorites I had the privilege of seeing in person...

The Jaguar

The Jaguar is the third largest cat from the Panthera Genus: This feline is located in the southern United States and Mexico, Central America, and south America -- to Paraguay and northern Argentina. Although this big cat prefers to be in habitats such as rain forests, I was lucky enough to see this beautiful animal up close. And this gorgeous big cat looked straight at me for a wonderful picture with my camera phone. It was a treat to see this Jaguar because of the things I've seen on YouTube. They are very fast and efficient hunters. I've seen a Jaguar kill an anaconda and eat it with his mate -- unbelievable!

I will definitely be on the lookout for the opportunity to see this awesome big cat again...

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The Mountain Lion

A mountain lion (Puma concolor also referred to as -- puma, mountain cat, catamount, or panther (names coincide with a certain region) is the second biggest cat found all over the united states and the Americas but, are also found in the Yukon in Canada. They are more closely related to the domestic cat than the lion species found in Africa, Asia, far east Russia (Amur/Siberian Tiger) and the Jaguar. Mountain lions are great hunters and hunt at night (nocturnal).

Unlike the Jaguar I didn't get a chance to capture a picture of this phenomenal cats face but, I did get a picture of this playful animal playing with a stick...

Very cute!

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A Very Pink Bird

In the above picture you are looking at wading birds by the name of Flamingos: I loved looking at the Flamingos, when looking at them I saw unhatched eggs, babies (they are the little grey cuties in the picture, and the mommies and daddies. The Flamingo (Phoenicopterus), have four different species of wading birds in the Americas and the other two are in the "Old World", known as Afro-Eurasia (comprised of: Africa, Europe, and Asia). Those beautiful and bright colored birds I observed were part of the four species in the Americas.

There was a sign that explained that, even though it didn't smell like it, the stink didn't mean that the flamingo was a dirty bird. They are just social birds and they prefer to wade in a close-knit group.

Personally, I didn't smell anything but, if I did, it wouldn't bother me because I was just happy to be able to see them and their babies...

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A Very Lazy Bear

This lazy bear is the American Black bear, he is an omnivore and is attracted to human communities sometimes because of the immediate availability of foods. The black bear is a medium sized bear. Cute but skittish, and I wouldn't corner one of these guys because you'd be cruisin' for a bruisin'. Despite that they are not a threat and their species is doing just fine, with no threat of extinction.

I get lazy like this too, from time to time...

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A Mom's Comfort

Gibbon's (Hylobatidae) are apes that are the smaller of the apes and they "pair bond" -- this is where a male and female will mate and live monogamously with one another. They are masters in swinging from branch to branch, and sometimes swinging to branches that are up to fifty feet away -- at speeds of up to thirty-five miles per hour (Gibbon's are apes that are not indigenous to the U.S., Americas, or Canada -- they are in tropical and sub-tropical places).

The Gibbon's were the most entertaining of all the animals: there was a daddy, a mommy, and of course, the baby... This fearless child jumped from branch to branch, tree to tree, and then something happened and he lost his grip on the way down. He tumbled a bit and then ran right over to mommy for some comforting. The picture shows the baby and the mommy, the mommy is letting her child know that it's okay. It was so cute seeing this youngster run over to his mom and give her a hug.

I would like to go back in a year and see how much the baby has grown...

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Here's Looking At You

The barn owl was one of the more beautiful animals I saw. And this barn owl happened to be looking right at me. What a gorgeous face -- a tranquil ghost-like appearance, that definitely mirrors a winged version of ones own spirit. To open my wings and sore through the sky in the night -- not missing a thing because what I don't see I feel.


For info on the barn owl --

And That's That!

Animals are awesome and they all have their own looks, personalities, and story. They are important because these animals are always at risk of losing their homes because of, not just natural causes (disasters), but because of us. Where there is land there is someone that wants to make a factory, house, condominium complex, and more things that could be built to benefit humans, forgetting about the homes that are already there for the animals that also deserve to live comfortably in their habitats. I hope I taught you something about these awesome creatures in this article, and I hope that we can keep them as safe and healthy in the wild as we can keep them in captivity.


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A loving share of inclusiveness, Aretz. Loved it for the pictures too - siva

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