The State of Pennsylvania's Best Haunted and Spookiest Locations. Be afraid....

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This is a list of the some of the best haunted and spookiest places to see in the state of Pennsylvania. Bring your diaper when you go to these spots because you will need it!

The Haunted Locations

I have always been fascinated with haunted places especially in my home state of Pennsylvania. I have actually been on expeditions with several colleagues over the years to investigate and have to admit, I have seen some unusual things at several places. What I have listed below are some of the best haunted locations and places that there is to visit in Pennsylvania. If you are scared easily, you might want to not visit these locations. But for now, let's get scared, shall we.......

Altoona Lakemont Park -- Story of a maintenance mechanic killed on a roller coaster at the completion of its construction. The mechanic was killed on a test run on one of the coasters carts. People still claim to see him working on the tracks while riding the coaster.

Barton Brook - The Benson Home-- Rumored to be haunted by several entities. Legend has it that the house was constructed in the middle 1800's. The entities consist of a black servant, and lots of people believed to be the family members of the first occupants of the property. Multiple witnesses have reported they have heard large groups of people talking in an area (usually the basement) and have even smelled coffee where the voices were heard.

Birdsboro, Covatto's Restaurant -- Originally constructed as a home in the 1700's, this location has a trickster entity. Employees of the restaurant report that things are moved around over night with no one being in the restaurant. Whistling can also be heard on the third floor and there are actually some photographs of the ghost.

Downingtown, Twin Tunnels -- These are two tunnels that are linked together by a thin wire. The wire was rumored to have been used by a guy committing suicide. These tunnels are reported to be haunted by his spirit still. There is also a story about a young girl being found dismembered and packed into a suitcase. This is believed to have been found near the entrance of the tunnels.

Elizabeth, St. Michael's Church-- This church was closed down in the 1980's due to poor stability of the building. The amazing thing is that although animal and bird droppings along with just filthy conditions (expected at an abandoned church with holes in the roof) are found everywhere in the church, the area around the alter and even the alter itself remain in pristine condition as if ready to be used for service. Some other strange items are that the colored panes on the windows still show their original colors but the saints on these panes have turned black. Another thing is a statue of St. Michael on top of the entrance of the church that is a holding a shield that appears to have been used in battle along with having dried blood on it.

Flourtown, Black Horse Inn -- Building is over 300 years old and is rumored to have several entities on the property. Even though no one was in the room when several pictures were taken, a young girl in one picture and a older man in another one showed up upon development. Both spirits were dressed in very old fashioned clothing. There also reports of flying orbs, voices being heard when no one is in a particular area, drastic temperature fluctuations, and footsteps being heard throughout the building, again when no one was in these locations.

Gettysburg, Multiple Locations -- Most famous and many believe to be the most haunted place in America is the Farnsworth House Inn. Everything from floating orbs, apparitions, strange noises, loud footsteps, someone crying and even someone singing are regularly reported. There are many main spirits reported, one is Mary who is from the Civil War era, another one is a man carrying a child that appears to be dying, and then there are three confederate soldiers with one of them carrying a fallen comrade into the cellar. He can be heard singing to his comrade to comfort him too. This site has been invest gated by every professional in the paranormal field and they all agree that this house is definitely haunted. Other sites in Gettysburg are the battlefield where wounded and dying soldiers are reported to be seen, several buildings on Gettysburg University where men from the Civil War era and soldiers are reported, and multiple locations spread throughout the town. The town of Gettysburg is considered one of the most haunted places on the entire planet!

Harrisburg State Asylum -- An insane asylum that was opened in 1851 and finally closed in 2006. There are over 50 buildings on the property with multiple tunnels running underneath them. Screams, strange apparitions, cold spots, and what appear to be large blood stains are reported throughout the site.

Hermitage, Hogback Road -- Rumored to be still used as a meeting place for the KKK, this road has a bridge where a family was supposedly killed in the 1700's. The mother can still be seen carrying a lantern looking for her children and a voice calling out for them.

Independence, John T. Anderson Cemetery-- A cemetery and church dating back to the 1700's are located on this property. Soldiers from both the Revolutionary and the Civil ware are buried here along with more recent burials. A weird smell, faces being seen in a mist that usually covers the area, strange voices, and thunderstorms that appear and end when you enter and leave the property have been reported. The church and graveyard are still in use today.

That concludes the first part of the best haunted places to visit in the state of Pennsylvania. I hope you enjoyed the ride and if you dare, go ahead and visit some of these places. Be on the lookout for part two and three coming soon for more haunted places to visit in the state.


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