The Indonesian captial Jakarta as a travel destination

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this page will teach you about the destination and leisure in Jakarta in Indonesia. various places and various venues.

Jakarta travel

Jakarta is one of the largest cities and it is the capital of Indonesia. As of the average on November 2011 the total population of Jakarta is 10,187,595. Jakarta is the largest city and comes on twentieth number in the world and in Indonesia it is most popular city. In the year 2008 Jakarta was listed for the world’s globalized city. The total area of Jakarta city is approx 661 square Km. The growth of Jakarta city is increasing very rapidly as compared to some of the fastest growing cities like Beijing in china, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Bangkok.
When you traveling in Jakarta you see many big hotels, restaurants, malls, Sightseeing and the greatest thing in Jakarta while traveling is the night life of Jakarta city. You will see many things in Jakarta you see the mountains sprawling all over the city. While travel in Jakarta you see that the city does not forget its past culture and splashing his culture to all the peoples who travel in Jakarta. There is a skyline in Jakarta this skyline was made by the power of European peoples who rules in Jakarta.
You see a variety of foods in Jakarta while traveling in Jakarta. In Jakarta there is a luxuries hotel that cherishes your life and feels you like a king. Travel in Jakarta is quite interesting because of the weather in Jakarta. The humidity in the weather is very high and the temperature of day as well as the temperature at night is almost same only a slight differences. There are two seasons in Jakarta so while traveling in Jakarta you must have to decide that what season you like one is the wet season that is from October to April and other one is dry season that is from May to September.
I recommend you to travel Jakarta in dry season just because in this season the temperature remains in the best position the roads and bridges are clean. Some of the best tourist attraction in Jakarta city is the national monument. It is made up of pure Gold contain 35 Kg and height is approximately about 137 meter. There are so many places in Jakarta to travel such as thousand islands which is a gem of the islands and gives a very beautiful look, Old Batavia here the Dutch government makes their seat, Taman mini Indonesia indah it is a park which has an excellent design of the architecture and you never get bored by seeing its design.
Travel in Jakarta consists of central Jakarta in this place there is the buildings that touches the clouds. When going to travel Jakarta you must have to see the museum of the Jakarta it consists of the guides that tell us stories gives us audio guides and many more. Traveling in Jakarta makes you feel very happy and give you a good energy and you also see some more things in Jakarta while traveling just like Ragunan zoo, Bogor, Thamrin Street, West Jakarta, sports related, south Jakarta, Senayan area, Sea world etc. I am sure if you are traveling in Jakarta you will never lose your money and time but gives a very precious experience to yourself so in my point of view you must have to travel in Jakarta.


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