The Best Attractions In The Menomonee Valley (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

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The Menomonee Valley used to be first swampy wet land, then it was industrial place for different businesses, and now it is a mix of entertainment venues along with some industrial businesses and other types of businesses. This article will mention the different types of attractions that goes on the Menomonee Valley. The Menomonee Valley is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mitchell Park

Mitchell Park is an awesome place to go. The most popular place to see there is the Mitchell Park Domes. It is one of the kind places to checkout the different types of plants from the Tropical and Arid Domes and the different types of floral shows that takes place in the Show Dome. From November through March the also offer "Music Under Glass" series. For more information about the Domes checkout their website.

Potawatomi Bingo Casino

Potawatomi Bingo Casino is an awesome place for some great entertainment and action. The casino came a long way from their early beginnings as a bingo hall over 20 years ago. They offer some some of great gaming like bingo, different types of table games, off track betting, poker and slot machines to name a few. They also have some great choices of different restaurants, The Buffet, Dream Dance, The Fire Pit to name a few. They also bring some awesome entertainment to their Northern Lights Theater. Currently Potawatomi is in the process in building a hotel on the site which should be done in the summer of 2014.

Miller Park

Miller Park is an awesome stadium to go see a baseball game. The stadium was completed by 2001 in time for start of the 2001 baseball season. The stadium replaced an aging and outdated Milwaukee County Stadium. Besides baseball that you can watch there they also held various concerts and also held bowling finals in 2007. There was parts of a movie shot at Miller Park. The movie was called Mr. 3000 staring Bernie Mac. There are a couple of businesses that runs year round in the stadium and they are TGI Friday's Front Row and Brewers Team Store by Majestic. During non game days days you can also take a guided tour of the stadium which it kind of interesting to checkout.

Harley Davidson Museum

If you are interested in history and/ or interested in motorcycles the Harley Davidson Museum is an awesome place to checkout all the different types of motorcycles during the company's 110 year history. Besides seeing all the different types of bikes that was ever built they also have different types of exhibits like the different types of motors that they used for different types of bikes that they built and they have interactive exhibits. The cool part is that when you visit the museum visitors are encourage to take pictures of the interesting displays and motorcycles that are there. They also offer tours of the behind the scenes look of goes on at the museum. They also have a restaurant and a gift shop for visitors to get a bit to eat and buying a couple of gifts to remember their visit to the museum.

Iron Horse Hotel

The Iron Horse Hotel is an awesome place for travelers to come and stay during their time in Milwaukee. The hotel is in a what was an old warehouse style building that was built over a 100 years ago. The people who owns the hotel renovated the inside and created it into a first class and a four star hotel. The inside of the hotel was turned into a modern luxury type place the will bring in business travelers along with motorcycle enthusiasts alike. The hotel is also a dog friendly hotel where guests can bring there dogs with them on their travels. Checkout out their website for more information about the hotel and packages.

A quote from their website tells about how the name of the hotel came to be called the Iron Horse. "The name of The Iron Horse Hotel reflects the duality of our unique location. Native Americans referred to the train as the “iron horse” as it sped through the prairies. Today, the hotel remains nestled along an historic yet active railroad. Located at the origination and termination point of the tracks means that The Iron Horse Hotel guest is treated to the slow chug of freight cars a few times each day."

Palermo's Pizza

Palermo's Pizza is another awesome place to visit during your visit to the Menomonee Valley. Not only did they bring jobs back to valley but also is part of bring visitors to the area as well. Palermo's Pizza is a leading frozen pizza maker who delivers their products to grocery store shelves. They also have a restaurant that attached to the factory for visitors to come by and order pizza, sandwiches and other things. Palermo's recently expanded their building in which they also expanded their restaurant as well. Visitors are able to take tours of the factory to learn more about the business is run.

Urban Ecology Center- Menomonee Valley Branch

The Urban Ecology Center opened their third location in the Menomonee Valley area. It is a great place to learn about different things about the center and the environment and learning different native species of animals and plants of the Menomonee Valley. Checkout their website for more information about the center.

Hank Aaron State Trail

The Hank Aaron State Trail runs through the Menomonee Valley. The trail goes from the lakefront to the west end of Milwaukee Conty which connects with Waukesha County. The Trail will connect with the Oak Leaf Trail. The trail passes through points of interest like Lakeshore State Park near the Henry W. Maier Festival Grounds, winds its way through the Historic Third Ward and Menomonee River Valley, past Miller Park, and then points west by accessing the new bridge at 37th St. The Trail links to Milwaukee County’s 96-mile Oak Leaf Trail at both its east and west end, making it possible to bike from Lake Michigan, along several trails across the state, and eventually link to the Ice Age National Scenic Trail and Military Ridge State Trail. Recently there was announcement about a new park which will connect the Hank Aaron State Trail with Mitchell Park. The bridge will connect the two, Mitchell Park to the new Park which was name is Three Bridge Park. The Three Bridge Park will also be connected to the trail. You will also find some awesome beauty when you travel this awesome trail. For more information about the Hank Aaron State Trail please checkout their website.

Great Lakes Distillery

Great Lakes Distillery has been in the Menomonee Valley making some of best spirits in small batches for the people who are looking for the best alcohol beverages. The distillery offer tours for people to see how they they make their products and they also have a tasting room for people to taste their products as well. The distillery has a gift shop for people to buy their products and other things that related to the distillery. One thing that Great Lakes Distillery offers is that they also offer their patio and the tasting room for rental for private parties for companies and people. Please read my article about Great Lakes Distillery for more information about the distillery.

Three Bridges Park

Three Bridges Park is the new park that opened in 2013 in the Menomonee Valley. The park was developed on an old railroad yard that was owned by the Milwaukee Road. The park is 24 acres big and boarders along the south banks of the Milwaukee River and stretches from around 27th street on the east to 37th street to the west. There are three bridges that are accessible to the park for people who wants to visit the park and connection to the jobs that in the area. For a little more about the park click here.

My Review Of The Menomonee Valley

I have been to the Menomonee Valley and visited the places in this article. The valley is an awesome place to take in nature, going fishing, enjoying the entertainment at different venues and it is also an awesome area to work in. The valley with it's great history has been revitalized in the last 10 to 15 years. I hope that you have a chance to come and visit the Menomonee Valley. Trust me you will enjoy yourself when you go and visit there.

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