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trying to catch bass or other fish in Rowena Oregon

Attempting to Catch a Fish

It was early Sunday morning and my second morning at a boat launch located in a remote area know as Mayer Park, Rowena. Still early spring but the time for some of these small bass to spawn and last year I saw thousands of bass fry along these very shores safely out of the turbulent waters and current of the mighty Columbia river, I had dug up some worms at a compost heap of grass clippings at Hood River twenty miles west of Rowena so at least I had bait even thought they were small so were the hooks, any way I caught a few of these embarrassingly small fish but felt guilty I might actual hurt or even worse kill one of these fingerlings, they are called that because they are only the length of a persons finger.

The Fisherman

People started to arrive soon afterwards and several were launching their boats on this fine sunny windless morning which is rare to take advantage of these great fishing conditions, so as usual I occasionally would beg I ride and opportunity to fish in deeper water and from their boats, finally one skinny elderly man agreed to allow my to go with him, he took a look at my rods and didn't think much of them even though one was a GLoomus rod, very expensive, no he just used the Walmart special, the basic flexible Ugly Stick but there was a difference, his lure which I thought was rather large and once cast it just floated innocently on the top of the water until you started reeling it in, they it sprang into action and swiftly submerged and looked exactly like a swimming fish and in a matter of minutes he landed his first bass, one of many. We tried different precise locations and exact instructions where to cast my lure which wasn't really easy in the mild wind that was blowing from the east which is rare since nine times out of ten the wind blows from the west.

The Big One

Well after trying the Oregon side of the river with just a few average fish we sped across the wide expanse of the Columbia to the Washington side where you are still allowed to fish with your Oregon license but only in a boat and so we did, we reach one section of the river where it was a little tight and not really enough room for both of us to cast and so I watched this master pull in the biggest bass I ever saw, at least 4 pounds and do they put up a fuss, they haven't survived this long not being crafty but couldn't out smart this fisherman, while we were in the location he caught two four pounders before we moved on to a different location but before we left Dave threw those big ones back to my amazement citing that its not good to take all the large fish from the river and also being the conservationist I understood his point. Finally I actually got a bite and a large fish on as I was reeling my line in and it was the biggest bass I ever caught, as large as the two we had thrown back but not ever catching such a fish before he said it was okay for me to keep it and so I threw it in with the other small but still big fish we were keeping, you are only allowed to keep 3 fish over 15 inches and five each per day, we continued to move around catching fish here and there along the way.

Fishing conservation

As the morning progressed we easily caught our quota each and that was after throwing 5 four pounders back including the big one I caught, it would have been nice to keep her, I hope it was a her filled with thousands of eggs yet to be laid and continue her life in the waters of the majestic Columbia river that has giving immense joy and respect for this incredible river the all the life it supports, man, animals, and even the plants benefit from the fish that are extracted from the waters. There was one fish I wish I turned loose, it was such a fighter and so beautiful once we pulling it from the waters, dark strips down its side and black spots on its belly, I felt guilty taking its life but I ate every bit of it and left its head for the raccoons or other nocturnal animals and threw the guts back into the river for the bottom feeds so nothing was wasted. The whole day was amazing, we took home 9 fish altogether and released 5 of the largest ones back into the river, at least we had the privilege of catching them but had the compassion to give them the right to continue their lives free in the waters of the Columbia as it should be!


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