The Adhar syndrome

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Adhar is a renowned project by Government of India to give unique identification number to all its citizens.

What is Adhar ?

Adhar is a renowned project by Government of India to give unique identification number to all its citizens. It is synonymous with American citizenship card and it is going on at India. This is to ensure and protect all its citizens recognizable through out India and the world .It will be a vast database of citizens, identify then, make a database, and create welfare measures for them. At Puri nearer to VIP road at Karvy’s office, this Adhar process is undergoing, while daily they are giving away 120 forms to persons and receiving 60 forms fully filled with required documents from gents and 60 forms from ladies. It will be a continuous five year process. The name Adhar can have different meanings like one is for feeding and the other one is for the base or dashboard of identity. So, many people especially related to below poverty line are rushing to the site to make it done. There are lots of brokers outside Karry office not related to Karvy,those brokers are mostly from locals and they trying to benefit from this opportunity. There are lots of brokers residing there and they are going to that place to make the Adhar card for the others. The Karvy and the Government of India should recognize them and drive away from that places so that common man will not be harassed by those brokers. The brokers are crating a lot of hora-kiri with the ordinary citizens. The brokers are both male and females and the male brokers enters into the male row forcibly and similarly the female brokers ventured into female row and thus create the problems for the common man.

Government of India is making this Adhar project completely free for its citizens but the brokers annoying the people and earning handsome money from them. The so called brokers outside that place with a cigarette in their hand and with red eyes stay at the row forcibly, which will only consist of 60m people and after the 60 person from male and female row completed the form submission will be closed for the day. With brokers invading the row crossing the barriers like trespassers and crossing the barriers to entry and even fighting with the ordinary citizens in order to enter inside. Those brokers are charging 500 rupees per person to submit the form and they7 are earning heavily and thus making process more and more complicated. Those brokers need to be drive away from the project arena so that the common man will get what the Government of India is giving to them totally free of cost for this wonderful Adhar project. The brokers are making the whole process more and more difficult by charging money Rupees. 500 to common man otherwise man-handling with them. The brokers are cheating to the government as they are forcibly charging money from the citizens whereas the Government is giving them for free.


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author avatar Mikey.
29th Dec 2011 (#)

Same old story the world over,
Nothing ever changes does it.
Where are the police that are being paid to keep law and order.

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author avatar Carol
29th Dec 2011 (#)

Interesting information, thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Buzz
30th Dec 2011 (#)

Interesting and intriguing, my friend. Great share.

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
30th Dec 2011 (#)

It doesn't seem possible to take on such a tremendous project. I don't see it working out, only causing more problems. Very interesting, thank you, ittech.

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