Swimming journey to Bluegum Lake

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So, we've all travelled by car a lot. And by walking. And by flying. And by... well, whatever else. But how many of us travel great distances by swimming? That's not something you do every day, so when I think of an opportunity, I grab it!

Swimming journey to Bluegum Lake

In the springtime, Majesty and I are swimming in the river way down at the foot of Tower Hill.

We love to swim upstream for some distance, and then float down the opposite way, being dragged by the current. It's amazing how long it stays fun for.

After some while of this, I look up and see the row of Bluegum trees at the Bluegum Lake, far, far away in the distance.

And then a thought hits me, followed by a physical challenge: I want to see what the Bluegum Lake looks like when it is filled with water, and, I think I will swim all the way there, upstream!

There isn't a current all that strong, because the river started flowing some days already, and by now the strongest of the flood has subsided.

So, Majesty and I start our journey upstream, Majesty sometimes swimming on his own, and sometimes I swim with him on my back.

We pass the Dove Dam, the dam I named after Pidgy my feathered friend, whom I took here one day and found out doves can swim like ducks on water.

Some distance further upstream, the river gets really deep.

Not long after, we have to crawl through thick, lush reeds. Although they are grass green and lush, we do still manage to find the river's twists and turns inamong them.

A long time later we come to a rocky part of the river. It's shallow, and I have to walk upright there. The river consists of many little streams and waterfalls here, coiling through the rockyness.

On our swimming journey we come across many manmade obstacles, placed in the river to dam up the water. No wonder we seldom get much water at Tower Hills, because too many people dam up the water upstream from us.

Eventually we come to a part again where the river is very broad and deep.

On one of the river banks, we see two puppies. They are whining at us and following us along the river bank.

I then started playing with them by disappearing under the water, swimming closer to them under the water, and then suddenly jumping out of the water right in front of them. The two of them ran away scared every time, but when they see it's me, they come back for more games.

But our journey was still long and far ahead of us, so Majesty and I continued on our quest towards the Bluegum Lake. Somewhere along the way the two puppies stayed behind. I couldn't see where due to the long, green grass.

We come to a barbwire fence that goes straight over and in the river. The river turns left along the fence, and then turns and goes through the fence. There appears to be a deep, deep hole there. I like to swim down and see how deep it is. Must be from how the water fall and erode the soil away at this particular spot.

We come to another rock wall across the river, and after this rock wall the river is so broad, wide and deep, that it looks like some really, really mighty river.

But Majesty is exhausted by now. We go through more river coils, and then Majesty decides to swim to the river bank where he sits down and refuses to come with me any further, no matter how many times I call him.

I keep swimming ahead slowly, thinking that perhaps Majesty will come along again after a few minutes rest, and he can catch up.

But after a while I am so far away that I decide to just keep going; I'll find him again on my return journey. I myself am by now so tired that I cannot afford to expend more energy than necessary.

My journey continues through river coils, shallow parts, deep parts, et cetera.

And finally I come to a rather straight piece of river, with the giant Bluegum trees towering ahead of me. I climb on the rock wall that dams up the Bluegum Lake. Inamong the rocks, small Bluegum trees grow.

And from the wall, I can finally see the Bluegum Lake that I swam all this way for. It's magnificent, but something puts me off: The water is yellow.

Why is the water yellow? Well, one time after this, I take one of my school friends there and we find the water is red, and we find a dead fish in it.

Today however, it's yellow. Not sure I like this, although I can't think of a problem right now.

I do indeed climb down into the lake and swim ahead just a bit, just to say I have done it.

Well, that was indeed an accomplishment. I wonder how many miles I have swum and waterwalked to get here.

Okay well, there's nothing to drink here, although there's water all around me, and nothing to eat, and all I can do now is go back.

This time, I don't swim all the way back. I walk great distances along the river, and sometimes I take the most direct route to the next point, where for example the river twists and turns before it gets to that point.

I find Majesty just where I left him. He was so tired he never moved. And now that he knows we're on our way back, he has also turned into an energetic swimmer, as well as a quick walker on land.

We take the shortest route back home. I'm impressed that I lasted all this time. I didn't know I'm fit enough for this, but it seems I am - the wonder of teenage youth. I don't even feel cold, even though I'm wet and now walking on land in the wind without more than pants and shoes on.

I love adventures like this. It was a fine, fine adventure. Good exercise too! See more on MarzeusVonHemelen.Com


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