Stinky tofu 臭豆腐

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Wang and because of poor performance, accumulated a lot of inventory, so I plan to make fermented bean curd, tofu cut into small pieces, into the altar. After a few days I did not expect to open the jar, only to find that the tofu into a blue, and its very smelly, but it was very tasty to eat, so I decided to tofu as a commodity for sale.

Stinky Tofu effect on the human body

Tofu effect on the human body
  Harm: the case of soy tofu, nutritious, the smell of stinky, eating incense, but also harmful to eat more tofu. Because tofu fermentation process is carried out under natural conditions, susceptible to microbial contamination. According to the determination, tofu contains large amounts of volatile base ammonia per kilogram contains 4.9g. Meanwhile, also contains hydrogen sulphide, containing per kilogram of 16.5mg. The two components are proteolytic corruption substances harmful. In addition to these substances, the tofu is often contaminated with bacteria, including pathogens. Eat tofu may also lead to human cancer.

  Benefits: tofu, once made, the most significant changes in its nutritional content is synthesized large amounts of vitamin B12.100g about stinky have vitamin B12 10mg. If body is missing vitamin B12, can accelerate the aging of the brain, likely to cause senile dementia. In peacetime we eat such as eggs, milk, fish, shrimp contain more vitamin B12, fermented soy products also have a lot of vitamin B12, especially the higher content of tofu. So eat tofu, helpful in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. Tofu is not only nutritious, but recently experts also found that eating tofu can prevent many diseases. Eat tofu can prevent cardiovascular disease. Tofu is rich in raw soy beans steroids, steroids can inhibit this bean we usually eat meat among some cholesterol. November 1999, a research report by the US FDI beans, soy products to treat cardiovascular disease confirmed there is a genuine effect. Eat tofu helpful for menopausal women. Among female Tofu contains a lot of flavonoids. So, eat tofu also can be a good complement to estrogen. Eat tofu for the treatment of constipation in the elderly benefit. Because tofu is soft food, easy to digest. Therefore, experts recommend the elderly to eat tofu, reducing constipation.

Stinky Tofu production

Stinky Tofu production
Tofu is high in protein quality soybeans as raw material, soak beans, grinding, point halogen, pre-fermented, pickled, clyster, multi-channel post-fermentation procedures made

Tofu production
Soybeans with blisters hair, wash with water after a good soak, changing into the water 20 ~ 25kg, with stone ground into a thin paste, then add a thin paste with the same amount of warm water and mix well into the inner bag, slammed the pulp juice out again in the dregs of the mix into the boiling water and then squeeze, so continuous left the dregs, when you have finished squeezing milk, skim foam, boil the sauce into the pot with the fire, into the cylinder, add gypsum juice, stir with a wooden plus side, after about 15 to 20 revolutions stir, can drop a little water, if mixed with pulp, juice, said plaster is not enough to be combined with some plaster into the sauce and then stir. The trickle of water as there is no mixing with the slurry, it was about 20min turned into curd. The curd scoop into the wooden box, covered with wood, the pressure on the heavy stones, the pressure to the water, Serve tofu. Do tofu, tofu if traits, weight than we generally eat tofu to be hard, but better than tofu and soft.

  Then take a plate of tofu to a plate shelves, wooden shelves can put a dozen layers of tofu, middle ventilated, cast salt, point mildew (species dissolved in the water, playing with a finger dipped in tofu), in ventilated room without direct sunlight put two to three days, summer temperatures can house at 32 degrees up and down, tofu, president of an inch long white hair, that mold.

  After the fermentation process

  The green vitriol into the barrel, pour boiling water stir with a stick open, add tofu to soak about 2h, fish tofu cool. Then the tofu into the brine soak, spring and autumn, about 3 to 5 h, soak about summer about 2h, winter is about 6 to 10 h, removed after a good soak, slightly washed with cold water, drain water that can.

  According to taste and characteristics of different regions, and then processed. Each local practices are different, of course, taste is not a good feeling!


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