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Whether it's a short break away from home or a more ambitious holiday you're planning, by creating a separate holiday savings account you'll reach your travel plans sooner.

Does that Dream Holiday Seem Impossible?

Dreams come free, but holidays cost money. So often we think we can't afford a real holiday, that we couldn't possibly save enough money to go anywhere in fact. But that just isn't true. If you want to go somewhere badly enough, you'll find a way of doing it.
The holiday doesn't have to be away to an exotic place, it may simply be visiting family or friends in another town. Or maybe you want to travel to a different part of the country, or even another country.
It may seem that you could never afford to do such a thing, but with a little careful thinking you can do it.

Start a Separate Travel Account

I used to dream about holidays further afield and thought I couldn't achieve that on my income. That is, until the day I started a separate travel account, one that I vowed not to touch for anything else but holidays and travel.
Whenever I could afford to I put aside a few dollars here and there, out of reach of everyday bills and happenings. After a while I realised the account was growing. It was even starting to earn a little interest. This encouraged me to contribute a small amount even more frequently.

Choose a Realistic Holiday Goal

It is easier to save if you have a realistic goal in mind, somewhere you want to go or an event you want to attend at a specific time. By having a goal that means something to you, it is easier to save toward it. Even if you're not sure where you'd like to travel to or take your holiday, start saving anyway. There's plenty of time to decide once the money has built up to a usable level.

Allow Time for the Funds to Grow

The whole idea of the travel account is to leave the money in it and let it grow slowly. Add money to it when you can, otherwise forget about it in between times. Don't get impatient. If you give yourself a two to three year time frame as I did, eventually you'll achieve the amount you want.
When I returned from my latest cruise I decided on where my next away from home trip would be. And I've already started saving. I've calculated the cost of the trip and know how much I need to save each month. I even have an alternative date, four months after the original one, so that if I don't quite make it I still have time to save enough.

Believe in Your Holiday and you'll Get There

By setting a travel goal that you're passionate about you're more likely to get there one day. Start a separate travel account, even if you can only contribute a few dollars occasionally. Every dollar really does count.
Leave your travel account for that purpose alone. Don't be tempted to dip into it when times are hard. One day you'll enjoy the holiday you deserve.

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author avatar RondaKay
4th Jan 2015 (#)

I have to admit, allowing time for the funds to grow is the hardest part for me. I would love to take a cruise some day.

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author avatar Val Mills
4th Jan 2015 (#)

Well, you know the answer RondaKay, start saving for your cruise now :-)

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author avatar Paul Lines
5th Jan 2015 (#)

Great advice Val

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author avatar Carol Roach
5th Jan 2015 (#)

organization is so important you don't want to mess things up by not planning properly

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author avatar M G Singh
5th Jan 2015 (#)

Excellent suggestion Val.

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