Split and Dubrovnik: The most beautiful seaside cities in Croatia

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This is an article about two extremely beautiful cities in Croatia called Split and Dubrovnik.

Introduction to Croatia

The beauties of the Adriatic Sea often tend to be misunderstood and underappreciated. Same goes for Croatia, a country whose beautiful beaches and heavenly islands are somehow neglected in favor of more famous and expensive tourist destinations. The charm of the Croatian seaside can easily be seen from the sight of Split and Dubrovnik- two quite unique cities placed on the Adriatic sea. Some of their charm did not evade some of the most renowned TV producers in the world. One step at a time, however. Let's meet two gems of Croatia.

History of Split

If a Roman emperor, a ruler of vast territories around the world, decides to build a palace to spend the last days of his life in a small settlement, then you know that that is a special place. This happened with Split when Diocletian decided to build his palace in 305 BC, the palace which stands even today and presents one of the most important landmarks in Split. This city, which is second by population in the country, is approximately 2500 years old and in its lifetime has witnessed a lot- invasions of Avars, Slavs and Austro-Hungarian dominance among some.

Atmosphere of Split

Countries that influenced Split came and went, but the city kept improving and evolving. Today it represents the city of relaxation and culture- and the superseding influences in the area produced a rich cultural variety. Thus, at one place you can see the examples of the antique, gothic, renaissance and modern architecture. This city is a popular resort, both among Croats and foreigners, and it has some of the most beautiful holiday villas in Croatia and abroad. A visitor would be amazed how many events can happen in a relatively small city- festivals, concerts, performances and the great nightlife. However, Split will never feel crowded- there are many places for quiet repose, such as Marjan, places without pressure where you can read or just sit in the Sun. Split is indeed one small wonder, hiding in plain sight.

Dubrovnik, popular place for famous movies and tv shows

As for Dubrovnik, it was off the map for a long time, until producers of the famous TV show "Game of Thrones" discovered this city with unbelievable rich history and remarkable antique feel to it. They immediately used the location to represent King's Landing, the capitol of Westeros. Soon after, the part of the shooting of the eighth part of Star Wars took place in Dubrovnik, and now it seems as the city gained the acclaim it deserves.

History of Dubrovnik

But what is so special about this city, that makes many tourists and some of the biggest celebrities visit it year after year? The answer lies in its position and great history. Dubrovnik is at least 14 centuries old, and if Split has witnessed a lot, what can we say about Dubrovnik, then? The city which was one of the most important ports in the continent made the maritime trade its primary source of income, and it certainly paid off. Many great empires tried to get a hold on Dubrovnik, but this city which got its independence in the 15th century, left more or less autonomous until it was officially annexed to the Habsburg Empire in 1815. Since then, it had been a part of many national unions, until Croatia finally gained its independence after the fall of Yugoslavia

Beauty of Dubrovnik

As we can see, Dubrovnik has seen a lot, and when you walk among streets of this city, you can feel the history unwrapping in front of you. The Old City, fortifications, narrow streets, and the sea like no other, make Dubrovnik peculiarly attractive. On the other hand, Dubrovnik offers a lot of fresh, modern events. Besides the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones tour that is much visited, this city organizes festivals, carnivals, cultural manifestations and so much more. Simply stated, Dubrovnik is a place to visit and enjoy.


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