South Kalimantan: The Land of a thousand Rivers

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People's houses are at the edge of the rivers and the rivers are at the back side of their houses where sellers pass by the rivers every day.

Actually, Dayak is a tribe who lives in south kalimantan.They use small boats to sell their agriculture products as well as fish. Years ago, Dayak did not allow their traditional ways of life touched by modernization. But then, as their needs increased, and also Indonesia government field workers came to the land, dayak started to learn modern tools.

South Kalimantan: The Land of a thousand Rivers

Hallo, this writing is truly mine and never been published else where. I think, this writing is a good information for all readers around the world. It was my experience when I lived there for more than five years with my family. It will be great to share this experience with others.

I lived at the edge of a river, named Barito. It is a longest and biggest river in South Kalimantan. The river has other small branches everywhere around the land.

For your further information, Kalimantan people are known as "Dayak". Dayak is the original tribe from South Kalimantan. Years ago, Dayak did not allow their traditional ways of life touched by modernization. They believed that trees, soil and water have soul. That was why they took care forest very well. They earned money from agricultural products and fishery. Kalimantan has the third biggest forest in the world.

But then, foreigners and traders came to this rich land. Those people cuts and took resources greedily and illegally. People's needs increased higher and higher and finally effected the Dayak people. They learned how to trade woods and earned a lot of money from it. Modernization then touched their traditional life.

The land with a thousand rivers, now, becomes a land of industry. The rivers water get brown and dirty. Forests are cut illegally. Anyhow, there are a little traditional life left. Traveling can show you how big changes happened in this land now. It gives us warning to not be too greedy.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
28th May 2011 (#)

It is sad, no tragic, what has happened to indigenous cultures because of globalization's exploitation of their resources. Thanks, Lisa, for sharing this.

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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
28th May 2011 (#)

Yes, I'm agree to your comment, Steve. But, it happened not only in Indonesia, I think. Traditional culture must be prevented.

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