Some points MUST visit when you travel to Hanoi (Part 3)

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Ho Chi Minh Temple is place that every Vietnamese people from everywhere want to come and visit when they have a chance to visit Hanoi. It's also place that foreigners want to discover more about Vietnamese leader in the war to against to France and USA

Some points MUST visit when you travel to Hanoi (Part 3)

3. HO CHI MINH Temple
Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969) was Vietnamese leader to against and win French colonist and USA empire, it made peaceful to Vietnam as well as Indochina. Therefore every Vietnamese generation respect Ho Chi Minh as idol and icon and called him with closed name as Uncle Ho. When he passed away in 1969 every Vietnamese people cried either old or young, rich or poor, men or women..Beside worship their forefather but they also worship Uncle Ho in each family altar.
In Ho Chi Minh testament, he would like to be cremated and share into 3 parts to keep at 3 region of Vietnam (North, Middle and South). But Vietnam Politburo had followed every Vietnamese people desire to keep his body like as he still alive to everyone can come to see him and think that he always live in each people heart especially with southern people and international visitors.
Ho Chi Minh temple was completed on 29th august 1975 with 3 layers and high 21.6m. All processing from designing, building and maintain Uncle Ho Body.. had big support from The Soviet Union. Center layers was the place to keep Ho Chi Minh Body inside of glass box. Embalming technology very special and that is secret by supporters from the Soviet Union.
The temple was designed with high durability and can stand with earthquake 7 richter. The temple was also designed 1 special room to keep Uncle Ho Body incase War happen. The materials to construct temple are very nobel from all regions in Vietnam even from other country.. Beside that every trees, nobel items from all regions in Vietnam also stay there.
In front of Temple has 79 sago palm trees which symbolize to Uncle Ho aged. The Temple are square with each side 900 sqm. The temple is located in Ba Dinh square (this is also place that Ho Chi Minh has standed to read Declaration of Independence for Vietnam in 2nd Sep 1945). In the center Ba Dinh square is flagpole. Everyday they organize Flag Hoist ceremony at 6 AM and Flag down ceremony at 9 PM. Very crowded people gether here at that time everyday.
Ho Chi Minh temple was opened 5 days per week from 7:30 Am to 10:30 AM. When you enter you should to wear polite clothes, should not to bring camera, cell phone together. There are around 15 thousand people to visit Ho Chi Minh temple every week. Aside with Ho Chi Minh temple, visitors also can visit Ho Chi Minh museum, House on stilts where Uncle Ho stayed and worked.


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