Some points MUST visit when you travel to Hanoi (Part 2)

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Following last section "Some points MUST visit when you travel to Hanoi (Part 1)", this section you will discover Van Mieu Royal College or other name Temple of Literature. It was known as the first University of Vietnam

Some point you MUST visit when you travel to Hanoi (Part 2)

2. Temple of Literature (Van Mieu Royal College)
Temple of Literature was located in Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Dong Da district, Hanoi. This is historic place that you should to visit.
Temple of Literature was built in 1070 from Ly dynasty which worship Cofucious adn Chu Van An (a rector of the Imperial Academy). In 1076 King Ly Nhan Tong ordered of an construction area next to Temple of Literature and call "Quoc Hoc Vien" (now named Quoc Tu Giam) as a study place for Princes, and after that expand to talent people from all overall country come to study.
Van Mieu was built by brick around and inside was separated in 5 courtyards
- First courtyard start from Great Portico with name Van Mieu on the gate. There are 2 stone dragons followed Le dynasty style (15th Century) under the gate
- Second courtyard start from Great Middle gate with the way go to Khue Van Cac (it means Constellation of Literature pavilion)
-Third courtyard from Khue Van Cac to Gate of great synthesis, In the center of third courtyard have square lake called Thien Quang Tinh (it means Well of Heavenly Clarity)
with brick wall around. two-side of the lake were 2 houses with 82 Stelae of Doctors which recorded names and birth places of 1307 graduates of 82 triennial royal exams. It's valuable in historical research and study.
- Fourth courtyard from Gate of great synthesis. two-side has 2 small gates called Kim Thanh adn Ngoc Chan. enter fourth courtyard are 2 halls were built to honoured disciples of Confucius and Chu Van An. There are some nobel items here like big bell was casting in 1768
- Fifth courtyard was distroyed by Friend in 1946 when France occupied Vietnam. And it was reconstructed in 2000 and called Thai Hoc house to worship Chu Van An in 1st floor and worship some Kings who had big effect to construct the Royal College at 2nd floor as Ly Nhan Tong, Ly Thanh Tong, Le Thanh Tong.
Every year when summer come, it's the time for high school graduation and Enter University examination, thousand of student come to visit Royal college to pray Confucious and Chu Van An and touch to head of stone turtle (there are 82 blue stone turtle to bring 82 Stelae of Doctors) to get lucky and pass the examination. And new lunar year festival, people often come here to ask Han script from old teachers and bring tom home to hang out. You can discover much more things about Royal college when you have a chance to visit it.


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Long cultural roots aligned with Chinese - interesting details, thanks - siva

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