Some points MUST visit when you travel to Hanoi (Part 1)

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Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam with more than 1000 years of history. This is cultural, political and historical center of Vietnam. Beside that Hanoi also is favourite tourist point with international foreigners. Names Hanoi come from chinese meaning, it means that the city inside the River (here is Red river).

Some point you MUST visit when you travel to Hanoi

Although Hanoi does not have beach or mountain but there are so many attractive tourist points in Hanoi that every foreigners want to discover when they travel to Hanoi. Below are those points
1. Hoan Kiem lake:
Hoan Kiem lake is located in center of Hanoi, it can be the heart of Hanoi and Vietnam. It had more than 1000 years of history from Ly dynasty when Ly Cong Uan remove Capital from Hoa Lu to Thang Long (Hanoi nowaday), but it was well known with legend of Le Loi King (1384-1433) return back sword(named "Hoan Kiem" in vietnamese) to genie turtle after win to against to China. So it called Hoan Kiem lake from that day. Nowaday there is 1 turtle still living inside the lake, it can be 1000 thousand year old or more that no one can guess. But it often bob up whenever Hanoi celebrate special anniversary like 1000 year anniversary, 10/10, 2/9...
When you visit Hoan Kiem lake you can go a walk see beautiful and quiet lake, take picture with many beautiful spots like Turtle tower, The Huc bridge, Ngoc Son temple or you can hire to visit on Xich Lo (traditional and very special in Hanoi with 3 wheel like bicycle) to have sight seeing.
When you visit Hoan Kiem lake, you also can see water puppet showing. The cinema nearby Hoan Kiem lake to foreigner can come to see easily. This is vietnamese traditional puppet and all of foreigners like to see it. puppet was made from jack-tree wood and painted. Performer will stay inside water to control puppet. Almost the performance will describe daily work of farmers who live in the north of Vietnam. Visitor also can buy puppet as souvenir.
This is good place to see. And we will continue with next place in next part (Van Mieu Royal College)


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author avatar WOGIAM
12th Jun 2014 (#)

I first learnt anything about Vietnam, when I read Danielle Steel's novel, message from nam. Is that your home country?

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author avatar Bang
13th Jun 2014 (#)

Welcome you to Vietnam. It's peaceful, friendly country and has many beautiful places. My friend from Dutch the first time he come to Vietnam, only 1 thing in his mind that Vietnam was known as war country and he only knew Ho Chi Minh (leader of Vietnam in the war against to France and America). But after his first visit, everything was changed in his mind, he had so much good feeling about Vietnamese people, about foods, beautiful place..and he always want to come back again more and more with his wife, his family. If you want to visit Hanoi or Vietnam pls contact me, i will support you to discover Vetnam and Hanoi (even i can be free tour guide. It make me happy to every people in the world know my country)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Jun 2014 (#)

I am so happy to read this uplifting post, Bang. I do hope Vietnam and the whole world has seen the last of wars. Everyone wants peace, but very few force wars on them! siva

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author avatar Ptrikha
13th Jun 2014 (#)

Great history and looks like a great place to be in. One tip: You can try advanced formatting options on Wikinut and perk up this article of yours.

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author avatar Bang
14th Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks Ptrikha, due to first time I wrote so it seem unprofession. I will try advanced formatting option.

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