Some Dive Sites of Alanya, Turkey

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Alanya's range of Dive Sites enable both the experienced and not so experienced Divers enjoy some underwater time while on holiday in Alanya. Non divers are welcome on the Dive Boats. There are also sites that are suitable for those who have never dived before to give it a go.

Old Wreck

This 21 metre steel catamaran was sunk back in 1996 to create a new dive site for the experienced diver. Its previous life was as a restaurant before it become just a wreck on the beach. Time and tide has broken the wreck up but it is still an interesting dive with much marine life to observe. The max depth is 30 m with a sea bed of rocks and gravel.

Dropstone Cave

At a depth of 13 metres, a 6-7 m. long tunnel, leads the way into the cave, which is semi-filled with oxygen. On surfacing within the cave the Divers are able to marvel at the numerous stalitites. Dropstone Cave is the underwater twin to Damlataş cave, most famous and popular spot of Alanya. If you’re in luck you may encounter the family of seals who has made the cave their home. The floor of the cave is sandy and divers are required to swim one meter above the seabed so that the water does not get blurred.

The maximum depth of this dive is 16 m.


This site gets it name from the broken pieces of amphora found at 27 m. Although a deep dive it is not a dark one, with a seabed of rock and vegetation. This location is rich in underwater life. Various marine creatures like grouper, moray eels, octopus, thornback ray and pipefish can be observed. Max Depth is 30 m.

Big Stone

The guide may choose several paths amongst the rocks for the dive depending on the group’s experience. For the more experienced diver you could start your dive at 3 metres and descend slowly to a maximum depth of 20 metres. The dive starts with large boulders which become small stones which in turn become shingle. You now have patches of sea grass and here you may get to see Turtles or Rays.

After reaching the maximum depth for the group you will turn and gently rise over the rocks and return to the boat.

With a rocky seabed it is an ideal site for daily diving courses and first time divers. The underwater life is rich with bream and Calmar spotted daily. This site is suitable for all ablities and is often use for training.

Experienced divers can follow the underwater course to Phosphor cave.

Phosphur Cave

This a pleasant dive suitable for most ablities. The dive starts at Big Stone where you enter the water dropping to a depth of 3 metres. You then have a gentle descent to 13 metres at the base of the cave. For most of the dive to the cave you will be followed by a group of Bream which becomes larger as you reach the base of the cave. Here you may get a chance to fed the Bream and large Dusty Groupers that live amongst the rocks.

Depending on the group’s experience and their remaining air you may ascend to 5 metres where you enter the cave. Phosphur Cave is an open cave and the guide may well surface within the cave to enable the group to view the stalitites hanging from the roof and to see more clearly the amazing coloured water caused by sunlight hitting the stones covering the cave’s surface.

On leaving the cave you may continue a little further before turning and heading back to the boat. Again it is a gentle ascent to 3 metres with the last part of the dive being at 5 or less metres ensuring that you cover at least a 3 minutes safe stop.

The maxiumum depth for this dive is 18 metres.

Pirate's Cave

This historical and mystic dive site is suitable for both the experienced and inexperienced diver. The legend goes that pirates used this cave for storing and hiding their stolen goods after returning home from the sea

It is a large open cave making it a safe place for your first cave dive. and the maximum depth for the dive being between 18 and 24 m. Experienced divers may be dropped from the boat which goes on to moor at Lagun. The divers descend to the cave entrance at 12m. In one of the entrances you will find an old stone Mill wheel (1m Diameter).

If conditions are right you may surface within the cave to look at the rock formation and try to locate the steps that are said to lead from the cave up into the castle above. Stones in the cave reflect the light, and create a fascinating fiesta of colours.

The seabed is composed of rocks. Various underwater creatures like grouper, octopus, barracuda, shellfish, thornback ray could be observed.

On leaving the cave the divers follow the course round the corner and onto Lagun where they will meet boat.


This site is excellent for training with its average depth of just 10 m. The seabed consists of rock and vegetation. Despite its lack of depth this is also a good dive for the experienced diver as it is not called The Aquarium for nothing. The Diver can see a large range of marine creatures such as octopus, pipefish, bream, moray, soldier fish and grouper.

This dive is a maximum of 18 metres and suitable for all. The site comprises of rocks and grass making it an ideal habitate for all kinds of marine life.

Kleopatra Reef

This dive is well suited to newly qualified divers. The maximum depth is 15 metres with the average being only 6 or 7 metres. On leaving the boat moored at Aquarium you descend to the maxiumum depth and swim along the side of the reef as it runs parallel to Kleopatra Beach. Here with the shingle and grass there is a good chance to see Turtles or rays.

Keep your eyes open as you never know what you might find. This dive site is also good for those interested in photography as there are some interesting rock formation and amongst the reef you can find Nudibranch.


This is a perfect place for beginners and course. It is a good site to spot Octopus. Bottom: vegetation and rock. Max Depth: 12 m.

This Dive Site is also a starting point for Amphora Dive Site and Pirate's Cave


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