Sneak Preview: Wild Life in Yellowstone and the Tetons

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Visitors are often awed by the mountains, rivers, waterfalls and forests of this region in the western part of the state of Wyoming. Here is just a sample of the wildlife one will see when visiting this area - to be equally appreciated as are these other things.

Welcome... and be prepared for the diversity of wildlife in this region!

Many four-legged creatures are to be found here in the Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. Moose, marmots, bear, and antelope are liable to cross your path, especially if you are hiking the trails. A moose might even come casually walking through your campsite if you are in one of the campgrounds. Just don't try approaching this critter, as they can be vicious and dangerous if they feel they are being encroached on or threatened.

What is that bushy looking thing?

A marmot is a rodent about half a meter to one and a half meters long, including the tail. They may challenge your for the right to travel the trail, especially if they are scavenging for food, like this one was.

The antelope may be skittish, or quite photogenic...

Antelope are quite common in this region. In summer, they may tend to seek higher ground for cooler temperatures. In winter, there are areas where they will tend to congregate in large numbers - one of the meadows may have hundreds of them. This meadow is in the lower elevations and will have less snow and thus offer a greater chance for winter grazing.

I forgot to mention bison earlier. OOPS!

A common mistake is to refer to the bison as a buffalo. The American buffalo that inhabited the Great Plains and western United States was actually hunted to extinction. This similar creature is large, dangerous, and also numerous in Yellowstone National Park. Stopping at the Rest Area heading toward the western gate into the Park, we encountered several mommas and their young-uns, taking up the sidewalk and walking through the area as if they were in charge .

A most beautiful shade of blue... breath-taking!

There were several types of birds there, many which seemed common enough to earn scarcely a glance. But there was an emu there , and this incredibly beautiful bird, small but worthy of the time to appreciate its beauty and to take a picture.

"Pica?" Wasn't that the larger font on my first typewriter 50 years ago?

My Webster's Seventh Collegiate Dictionary didn't have this listed as an animal, but the folks at the Park in their brochure tell us that this is the proper name for this small rodent, about the size of a chipmunk. This was off the beaten path, far from the well-traveled trails used by the multitudes. They are certainly a congregating species, judging by the inhabitants of this picture. How many of them are there in this picture, by the way?

Just the beginning...

There is much more I could share with you, but pictures don't do these creatures and their surroundings justice. If you are able, venture to the Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. Your memories from that trip will last you a lifetime.


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