Sibenik Exciting Tourist Destination Visit Cathedrals and Churches in Croatia

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Sibenik is located on the Sibenik Riviera in Croatia. It is replete with monuments, churches and fortresses. Being surrounded by the sea, this is a place where one can take pleasure in swimming. Naturistic swimming is encouraged here. It is home to some famous people like Faust Vrancic, the inventor of the parachute. It is a popular tourist destination.

Archipelago of Sibenik Riviera

In Croatia, one of the first countries in Europe to encourage naturism is the picturesque town of Sibenik. Home to the Cathedral of Saint James, present on the World Heritage UNESCO list, it is a part of the Sibenik Riviera, an archipelago of 242 islands, reefs and islets.

Monuments worth Mentioning

has a Mediterranean climate and has plenty of historical—cultural monuments. Look at some given below.
· Church of St. Francis
· visit of St. Krsevan
· Cathedral St. Jacob
· City Hall
§ Subicevac
§ St. Ivan
§ St. Michael
§ St. Nicholas

Possible ways to reach there

The easiest way to reach Sibenik is by air or or by boat.
· Plane
· Train
· Car
· Boat
· Bus
When one is flying in, the nearest airport will be Split Airport or Zadar Airport. If one comes over the water, get off at the Zadar or Split port. There are plenty of buses available from the port and the airport into the city. On the road map, the city is situated 7km away from the Zagreb-Split highway.

Places specific for Tourists

· Krka National Park
· Cathedral of St. James
· Town Hall
· Cascate Krka
· Medieval Mediterranean Garden
· Visovac Monastery
· Church Uspenie Mother of God
· Aquarium Sibenik
St. James Cathedral, which took over a century for completion due to interruptions by war with Turks, is a representation of both Gothic and Renaissance styles of architecture. The statues of Adam and Eve are tourist magnets.
The medieval St. Lawrence gardens Monastery has an exquisite restaurant. From the café, the view of the sea and the port are magnificent.
The aquarium is located in the Dalmatian stone home near the St. James Cathedral. Tropical and Adriatic fishes are housed in 20 aquariums with LED monitors. It has educational value for children since they teach about the conservation of the environment.
The monastery has grounds, museum and garden space that houses peacocks, and has a vegetable garden. There is an orchard too.

Stay in the city

Private accommodation is sparse and not encouraged. One will have to find commercial lodgings. There for eating, the Admiral Restaurant near St. James Cathedral and the Kike Pizzeria are worth mentioning. There is hostel Indigo where the lodging is cheaper.

Things to do while one is in the city

· Visit Kornati Islands National park
· Visit Krka National park
· Swim (remember naturism is encouraged here)
· Have cup of tea at the roadside cafes
· Visit the fortress
· Visit the churches
· Attend the Dalmatian Chanson Evenings
· Attend the International Children’s Festival
While tickets to the Dalmatian Chanson Evenings may be sparse, one can visit the Kornati National Park or the fortress St. Nicholas for an enchanting time. These are resplendent with flora, fauna and waterfalls. The natural historical monuments remain testimony to the rich cultural heritage of this city.

Swimming in the nude is popular. So is picigin, a game invented locally where players try to keep the ball in the air for a long time. Water is clean and plentiful.

Sibenik is also famous as the home of the inventor of parachute, Faust Vrancic. Dalmatian klapa will bring cheer to many. It is the choir with many voices and accompanied by a few instruments. One might buy the orange—black cap, symbolic of the town, to remember the trip by. Coral jewelry and affordable sponge souvenirs are high up in list of wanted objects for tourists.

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