Searching For Tigers at Kanha National Park

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A brief on Kanha National Park in Central India or Madhya Pradesh. Discover the tiger on wildlife safari and enjoy all its offerings.

Tigers of Kanha National Park

My visits to Kanha began in the early seventies. I saw my first tiger in 1976 and was from that day fixated on this wonderful predator. I rode on an elephant to reach the spot where the tigress was sitting at ease. The spot was a tranquil pond situated amidst dense Sal forest.

The park declared as National Park was later designated as tiger reserve after inclusion in Project Tiger a Govt, of India initiative to save the endangered Bengal tiger.

The park is famous for diverse flora and fauna. Typically a Sal forest the terrain comprises of mixed forests and bamboo as well. The ecosystem comprises of forests, grasslands and rivers which intervene to act as lifeline. The low lying hills known as dadars in local language are a characteristic feature and accord beauty to the landscape.

There are many species of animals that inhabit this wonderful paradise. The main mammals are swamp deer, sambar and spotted deer, wild dog, sloth bear, bison and the leopard. Along with the tiger they comprise the main attraction of the park.

In the early seventies there were few tigers thanks to mayhem carried out by hunters and poachers. But with greater conservation efforts the population flourished and today the figure stands at 100 plus. The habitat comprises of inviolate core zone and the surrounding buffer that in an area of 2000 provide living space to amazing life forms.

Subsequently I started to freelance as a naturalist in the hotels that had been established in late eighties. The job primarily comprises of interpretation, identifying bird species and searching for tigers. Well the emphasis is on the predator besides other mega attraction like the panther, wild dog, bison and the sloth bear. Tourists from across the globe throng in large numbers to see the tigers and the animals mentioned. Some specialist birders also arrive here to checklist avian that number more than two hundred and fifty.

In the seventies the tourist arrival for tiger safari were handful but the arrivals burgeoned post eighties. This was due to awareness created by wildlife films and word of mouth.

With the increase in number of tigers Kanha Tiger Reserve became the hotbed of tourism. The tigers can often be sighted in the habitat immensely pleasing the visitors on safari.

An animal the people dreamed about having read folk tales, account of hunters and wildlife news magazines. To see one in its natural surroundings is thrilling beyond words.

As time proceeded learning to search or track tigers was the first priority for a naturalist. The experience so gained helps in tracking down the elusive beast so that the tourists can hold sight of it an admire.

The conservation saga of this park revolves around the tiger as well the hard ground swamp deer. The latter is found only in Kanha and its population had decreased drastically. The deer now thrives in wild abundance having been saved from certain extinction.

The conservation efforts have made Kanha National Park World famous. Many wildlife films have been made on various aspects of this tiger heaven. Today the destination is most preferred for a wildlife safari in Central India.


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