Sea serpent carries off sailing ship on its back!

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The problem with being a giant sea serpent, is that you're too big to be played with other than by other sea serpents. But that's not going to stop Seeslang the sea serpent, as Miauli finds out in horror...

Sea serpent carries off sailing ship on its back!

Miauli the cat and Veertjies the bird are still talking to Seeslang the sea serpent they met while sailing the seven seas.

Miauli asks him if Veertjies and him are still sailing in the right direction for Music Island, their intended destination.

Perhaps they are, answers the sea serpent, but adds that he knows a short cut.

And he would gladly show them the short cut, but the least they can do for him in return is to play with him.

This game they're now going to play is called "SpeedBoat".

Oh dear. What does that mean?

The next moment, the sea serpent lifts up Miauli's sailing ship on its back, and off he goes with it.

Poor Miauli and Veertjies are petrified! But all they can do is to hang on, as the sea serpent speeds hastily through the ocean with the ship on its back.

The sea serpent is really enjoying this game. It's one of his favorites it seems.

Finally he gets close to Music Island, and it is here where, with a spring motion of his body, he throws the ship off his back.

The ship flies through the air forward, and then bounces a few times on the water, until finally it washes out on shore.

Miauli and Veertjies cannot believe they have survived the ordeal.

Well, the serpent's efforts did bring them here much faster than it would have been if they had to sail all this way the conventional method.

Miauli and Veertjies decide to have a look at the island from their ship.

Unfortunately, it's very foggy today on Music Island, so much so that they cannot even be sure this is Music Island.

Well, even though they can't see a thing, Veertjies says he heard it's beautiful here.

What is lurking in the mist though? Adventures, or dangers... VIEW THIS ADVENTURE ON VIDEO


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I was a sea captain but have since settled on an island called Music Island where I met a lot of new friends that I have wonderful adventures with.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
7th Nov 2015 (#)

Funnily, Music Island is safe without them. So go on, the snake took the boat on a spin and only to find out it got marooned but inmates safe.

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author avatar Retired
9th Nov 2015 (#)

Interesting story...

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