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I know it's a while since we denied ourself the freedom to govern our own land, but here's a short article where I voice my opinions on what could have been...


Just by looking at the title I guess you've gathered that I'm a hard core Indy supporter, and this article is basically just going to be talking about how unfair I think the whole campaign has been, and why the yes side really should have won (in my opinion). Just another "whining scot that should shut up" as a newspaper put it.

First of all, I'd like to point out that i am no expert, just saying my mind, which may be incorrect.

So, the BBC? Very unfair I thought, asking the Yes supporters incredulous questions that could never be answered until we had independence, it was like asking "what are we going to have for tea in a month?" And then, once it was just about clear that no had won, they started asking real questions like "how can you deliver your promises if Westminster won't back them?" And then they let them get away with not fully answering it.

Now onto the subject of money, an oil. Oil, Scotland has plenty of, which can only be a major benefit. And we also have other great industries, it's not as if we are relying on oil. Eg tourism, fishing, education (some of the best unis), whisky are just some examples.
The currency, well, England couldn't stop us using the pound, and anyway, if they tried we could abandon the debt, which definitely outways the assets. Plan B, Debt Free. There is an answer to a question that dominated the debates.

Europe. Well, we have so much oil, they wouldn't have wanted to lose us, so it would have been easy to get back in. And now England will probably soon be voting out of the EU anyway, and they'll be dragging us with them! Ridiculous!

Sorry about this rant, mostly fuelled by the fact that Catalonia is wanting their independence and we have up the chance to rule our own affairs and not have someone else making up policies to control another country. Oh, sorry, we are not a country, we are just a region in the country of Britain. A pompous brat of a country that thinks its a lot more of itself than it should... I think my main reason was just the freedom really appeals to my head, heart and soul. That's something no voters will never understand.

Please let me know your opinions in the comments. Sorry for anything offensive, I'm just speaking my mind. I'm entitled my opinions and I would love to hear yours! ;)


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From Scotland, I love the place I've grown up in. Galloping across hills on horses with the wind in my hair is surreal. Live life to the full, don't waste your time.

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author avatar vickylass
9th Nov 2014 (#)

My view is that all these urges for independence are being backed up by the ever so powerful financial markets, which in today world aren't interested in big and powerful countries which is more difficult for them to deal with. They want and need a fragmented world with small countries for their gains. I'm not in favour of England and Wales, but an independent Scotland would have been pray of the international financial markets for their gains and profit. It's more or less how I see the question of independence.

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author avatar whatistheworld
10th Nov 2014 (#)

The world is composed by the two parts of the perceptual and rational. From the angle of sensibility to say, you let people see a sincere heart and it is warm and sunny. So I very much appreciate this character very much. But from the angle of rationality to say, you want to see the law of things and this requires a detailed study of the related disciplines. From the historical point of view, If it is in the correct leadership, National unity is certainly that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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author avatar Emma Sinclair
13th Nov 2014 (#)

Maybe, but it's not for these reasons that I wanted independence, it was the chance to be seen as a proper country in the eyes of the world. A danish dictionary translates the UK as England?

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author avatar whatistheworld
14th Nov 2014 (#)

In fact, I have a new view of the world. For each individual, to enjoy fair treatment is important than anything,even if state and nation. Fairness is the core of all problems. In a fair environment, individual and the entire human can all get the best development. So I think the now core issue is whether you suffered unfair treatment?

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