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A few simple and easy tips to save money on fuel for your car.

Strip off all unnecessary weight

Have you opened up your boot and seen what’s in it recently? No? Well do it now and see if there isn’t anything surplus you could take out. Do you really need that roof rack? Or the bicycle mounts? The less weight you’re transporting around, the less fuel you use.

Don’t fill up more than half a tank at a time

Simple one, this. Your car is heavier when it’s carrying a full tank of fuel. So it’s going to be lighter when you’re only carrying half a tank. Less weight means less fuel usage.

Check your tyre pressures - regularly

Before you set off for a journey, check your tyre pressures and top the air up if necessary. It really is worth investing in an electric air pressure pump which plugs into the cigarette lighter as some garages and petrol stations now charge for the use of their equipment. You should be checking your tyre pressures at least once a week and as soon as you feel you’ve gone hard over rough terrain. If you don’t know what your tyre pressures should be (on some vehicles the front pressures are different to the back) then a quick internet search should provide the correct figures. Having uneven tyre pressures or soft tyres uses more fuel.

Drive better

It sounds really obvious but if you know you’re going to apply the brakes on an upcoming roundabout or junction then why not apply your brakes nice and early. Controlled braking and smoother accelerating will use less fuel. It also makes your tyres last longer which saves more money.

Jump gears

If your car allows you to, you may find that you are able to rev your car up to a certain speed and miss out a gear. For example, in my car I move off in first gear, moving into second as soon as possible. As soon as my speedometer tells me that I’m travelling at 20 mph, I dip my clutch and move straight into fourth gear. My car drives easily in fourth gear at 20 mph. Other times, if I’m currently in third gear, I’ll be able to bring my speed up to 30 mph and slip the gears into fifth. Not every car will be able to do this but a little bit of trial and error and you’ll be able to see what your vehicle is capable of. The reason for doing this is simple. It is more economic to drive your car in the highest gear it can and you will use far more fuel staying in lower gears than is actually necessary.

Spend a good few hours looking for better insurance deals

In the days before the internet it wasn’t unusual to spend half a day phoning up insurance brokers and agents asking for quotes. Now with all the resources of internet comparison sites, it should be possible to pinpoint the best individual deal for your needs in only a few hours. It's only once a year so it's worth the time if you find you could save a hundred pounds or so.


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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
30th Jul 2011 (#)

Sound tips!

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author avatar ourhero
30th Jul 2011 (#)

Thanks, David. I made sure I wasn't repeating anything in your article before I wrote it.

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