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. In fact, in many countries, the safety demo is made by creative as possible, so that the passengers are interested in attention.

Safety Equipment

Safety, is one thing that is very prioritized, in flight. For that, in every flight, before the aircraft actually fly, cabin crew will explain and demonstrate, on safety information, to the passengers. In fact, in many countries, the safety demo is made by creative as possible, so that the passengers are interested in attention. In other words, you as a passenger, you should never ignore this safety demo. There is some information that is submitted, by the flight crew, among others:

Safety Belt
Seatbelt, is one security tool, which is important in aviation. Seatbelt, will protect your body, in the event of shocks. The seatbelt alone, consists of two kinds: specifically for children and adults. You must use a seatbelt, when the lamp is used as a marker of the use of seatbelts on. You have to make sure that you can insert and remove the seatbelt, quickly, because in case of an emergency, you will not experience panic because of the difficulty opening or installing this belt.

Oxygen Mask
The air pressure inside the cabin of the aircraft, is different from the pressure in the room in general. The aircraft has a system, which will regulate the air pressure in it, so that no more than a predetermined threshold. Each airline provides oxygen mask. The oxygen mask, it will automatically exit, if the air pressure inside the aircraft, exceeding the specified limits. If this happens, you have to do, which was to draw the oxygen masks, and immediately put it on. You should be able to install, less than fifteen seconds. If not, you can just pass out. Before you help pair the oxygen mask to the child, or anyone who is on your side, you have to remember that sure, you've put your oxygen mask, and breathe in it, then you help others.

Life Vest and others

Life Vest
Lifebelt, usually placed under the seat, or seat you. Cabin crew will explain, how to use the life jacket. But the most important thing is, you should really check, whether life belt it really exists under your seat. See or feel by handing, so you are sure that there is a life jacket under your seat. This life jacket, ideally consists of two sizes: specifically for children, or infants, and adults. If the plane is submerged in water, an automatic lamp will light. That means, you have to prepare a life jacket that has been provided. However, do not conflate life jacket in the cabin of the aircraft, as it will be difficult for you, when the evacuation. Grow float, if it has approached the emergency exit.

Safety Information Card
This card is a tutorial flight safety. With this card, you will more easily understand, which demonstrated the safety demo, by the cabin crew. This card will also remind you, the demo has been demonstrated. It is in the bag chair, in front of you.

Strip Doors Evacuation and Safety Raft
Each aircraft has an emergency exit, as well as a raft of safety. Cabin crew will explain to you, the direction of the emergency exit, and the location of safety raft. You will be directed, how the evacuation path. All you have to do, is to calculate, how much distance between your seat for sure, with the emergency door. Calculate the number of seats that you should have to pass because in an emergency, it could be the dark atmosphere. If the aircraft smoke, you have to do down on the floor of the plane, and follow the light, which is on the floor, to get to the emergency exit. For your information that the emergency door is very heavy aircraft, between eighteen pounds. The best way to open it, by leaning your body to the emergency exit, so that the door easier to open, with the encouragement of your hands and body.


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