Road trip of few National Parks and Monuments in USA - Day 1

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Seven day road trip across four states in USA. Wake up to different historic sites everyday, and in the process, rekindle the inner self. - Day 1


Day 1: Denver, CO.
“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it is open”
We began our trip in Colorado, at the Mile High City, Denver airport, where we met up with our tour guide and other tour mates, nearly forty of them. All were from different walks in life. There were a few elderly couples, enjoying the retirement stages of their lives. Three young girls were travelling together, attached to their cameras. A young girl was travelling by herself, eager to see the sites around the country. It was a mixed group, most of them were Chinese, and some knew only English. Our tour guide was bilingual, fluent in English and Mandarin, and kept us informed in both languages. We were picked up at the airport by our young and enthusiastic driver, in a large comfortable bus. Our tour guide and driver made a good team, and kept us informed and entertained. We were ready for the trip. Both in altitude and attitude, we were all “Mile High”.
After the initial informative talk by the tour guide, our first stop was at the Red Rocks Park, on the outskirts of Denver. This Mountain park is amazing, with breathtaking views of nature. Since it was just the beginning of fall we could see speaks of yellow and orange trees, with the backdrop of the red rocks in different shapes and sizes. Based on the shape, different names have been given to the rocks, like Creation Rock, Ship Rock, Stage rock and so on. While more information on this can be obtained on , I will narrate my own experiences. The Amphitheatre is simply amazing. It is incredible to see its construction amid the rocks. There was a concert to follow shortly, and they were setting up the band, so we were lucky to get a peek into what a concert may sound like out there. We visited the adjoining museum. One of the things I saw there sticks in my mind. The Beatles performed there in the year 1964. The cost of a ticket? $6.60 ! The Amphitheatre seems to provide more things than being a concert stage and a place of beauty in nature. It seems to be a training ground for athletes. We saw several athletes training on the steps of the Amphitheatre. They were ascending the steps, one step at a time, by jumping on to each step in a squatting position, leapfrog style. Ah! The strength of determination!
Our next stop was back to the heart of the city, the 16th Street Mall. Since we had already seen this in our private tour, we did not need to do much site seeing. By then we were familiar with the area, and made a bee line to our favorite Little India restaurant on Champa street, where we had a quick snack of samosas and pakoras. We joined the tour back for a visit to the Capitol, a humongous building, built in the likes of the US Capitol. One of the high lights of this building is that there is a spot there which marks the exact one mile point. Needless to say, a lot of pictures were taken, standing on this step in the Mile High City.
We ended the day early in the evening, since we had a long trip the next day.
This was the first time we had travelled by a tour bus in America. We were so used to having our own wheels and control of time. I was also very skeptical about travelling nearly 2000 plus miles and do site seeing in seven days, across four states. It seemed a bit too much. But the allure of site seeing induced me to give it a try, and by the end of the first day it was already feeling good. By the end of the trip, I was certainly glad I had kept an open mind and tried something new. I sign off today with the quote,
“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it is open”. I am certainly glad I opened my parachute.


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A fascinating article that kept my interest till the last word.

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