Retiring on Mars: the Option of the Future

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Not sure where you want to retire yet? Check this awesome option out.

This is NOT Your Mother’s Retirement Plan

How many of you plan to retire within the next 50 years? I hope you all thought ‘yes, that’s me’. Had you not I might think you are crazy. After hearing the premise my article, you might think I am crazy. Have you thought about where you want to retire? Maybe Hawaii, Florida, maybe a cozy private place in a small town like Newark Delaware or in Canada. Wait I have a better idea. I am going to discuss an option none of you may have ever considered. By 2023, there is going to be a new hotspot for you to retire. The red planet, Mars. So you might want to invest in that retirement fund you keep putting off.

Imagine with me….but

lest you think this is science fiction, let me tell you about three international companies that are working hard to make human colonization on Mars happen. Each one represents a different step in your journey to retire. The Mars Society (which by the way I am a member of) will get you excited about your retirement on Mars. Mars 1 will be your ticket agent and give you the plan. In addition, Space X will be the transportation to get you there.

They each have a planned series of technical projects and missions they are working on, much like the ITD strategic plan building the technology of LAUSD. From Canada to Austria, to Germany to United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland…people are working towards this goal. For example just on Monday, India launched a Satellite to Mars.

First, let us look at The Mars Society. The Mars Society, founded by Robert Zubrin in 1998 is the world’s largest and most influential space advocacy non-profit organization dedicated to promoting human exploration and settlement. This society is made up of astronomers, scientists, engineers, astronauts, educators and space enthusiasts from all over the world. You can see them as the motivator of space exploration.

Mars 1 has the plan and it is indorsed by the Nobel Prize winner physicist Gerard T. Hooft. The plan was publically announced in May 2012. Unfortunately I am giving this speech a little too late because applications to be the first pioneers to live on Mars was closed in April 2013. The four chosen are scheduled to blast off to Mars in September 2022 and land in April 2023. Four more every 2nd year after that. So do the0 math by the time you all retire, it could easily be you. It will cost the first settlers half a million dollars but the plan is to get the ticket down to the same cost of a ticket to Australia. Not only will it be top news all over the world but also every step of the crew’s journey will be documented for a reality TV program that will be broadcast 24/7/365.

So is this a hoax? Have I been getting my news from National Inquirer? Why is this difficult to believe? After all, we all leaped into the unknown to get here! The United States is a Nation of Explorers!

If I have not convinced you, just humor me for the rest of this article and smile politely at my fantasies. However, you SHOULD believe one person, Elon Musk, Founder of Space X. He is worth 24 billion according to Forbes Magazine. You should believe him for one reason only: he has already built a fleet of working space rockets to go to Mars. His private company has already successfully launched rockets into space doing what countries like South Korea and Brazil have tried to do and failed! His company SpaceX has won hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of business contracts for future payload launches for a fraction of the cost of legacy rockets. Their Dragon spacecraft will take off for a manned Mission to Mars. His goal is to make space travel accessible to everyone. He has made public serious statements about Mars being his choice of retirement location.

There is MUCH to know about these organizations. I have only hinted at what they are up to. Space is not an elite endeavor. It is something that unites all humanity. When the US landed on the Moon, it was for all humanity. Elon Must is surprised that anyone could dismiss this as a flight of fantasy anymore. Yet it is fantasy- It is the ULTIMATE flight of fantasy and it’s REAL.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Jan 2014 (#)

When we can harness solar energy efficiently the costs will come down drastically. Hats off to the pioneers and I wish them luck. Thanks Diane - siva

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