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Ever thought about visiting Dubai? Well read on for some tips and advice before packing your bags


Dubai is a wealthy country with beautiful sites and sounds, towering sky scrapers and is a shopping addict’s dream come true! Having worked their before and planning on going back here is some tips i would recommend before you plan your trip.

hot weather and shopping

Dubai can get very hot and I mean scorching hot. When planning your holiday try and choose dates just before or just after winter. Even during winter will work as it doesn’t get very cold there. It’s a lot better especially if you’re not used to that climate, getting off the plane in 45°C with around 80% humidity is no joke and you’ll enjoy your vacation so much more!
If it’s shopping your after try and go at a time when a shopping festival is on. These shopping festivals offer huge discounts on almost anything you can think of and all store are encouraged to participate in this event. The two major events include the DSF and the DSS. The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is the big one and is normally held in the beginning of each year (this year 20 Jan 2010 – 20 Feb 2010). It normally runs for a month. The Dubai Summer Sale is a bit more family orientated though also offering good deals. Lots of events are held with loads of competitions and live events and performances. This is held around about mid year (this year 23 Jun 2010 – 31 Aug 2010) and is longer than a month.
Speaking of bargains – remember when visiting the markets bargaining with prices is almost expected and if you are good at this you can get nice deals. This apply to almost 100% of the markets but not in malls and smaller businesses.

Holy month and and alcohol

When going to Dubai be aware of when the Holy month of Ramadan is being held (it differs every year). During this time all restaurants and fast food outlets are closed from dawn to dusk. As Muslims are not aloud to eat that time. But takeaways can be taken. You’re not aloud to eat or drink in public, not water, not even chew gun, oh and also no smoking! So during the hot days it can get tough not able to drink water when on the streets during this time. Also you can’t show any affection when with your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband….whoever. This is a big no no and if chosen to be ignored can land you in heaps of trouble. Woman have to cover most of their body, though not as much as Muslim woman have to do.
Alcohol is very expensive there. Maybe this is the most important thing but something that is interesting to know about. Alcohol is only sold in licensed pubs and bars. There is very little known liquor stores where you can buy drinks. Also you need a liquor license to be able to purchase anything and when working there you need to be a certain grade to be able to qualify for this. And did I mention it’s very expensive.

Enjoy it

All in all a fantastic place to go for a well deserved holiday. And that’s a few tips from my side. If you’re planning a trip to the U.A.E. i hope you will find some of the above mentioned tips could help you plan your trip to the emirates to be an unforgettable one.


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Thanks for the tips, I will be there in Feb/11

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