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An eerie walking path leading deep into the forest has taken the place of where old railroad tracks would have once been a prominent fixture that once wound through the haunted forest. Visitors experience paranormal chaos that effuses out of the woods once the sun goes down.

Find Ghosts & Dead Calm in Randolph, Maine's Most Haunted Forest

Most of the residents living in Randolph, Maine know that the deadly calm of the night in the nearby forest can appear unpretentious at best, but can turn into a most unsettling atmosphere when the paranormal activity interrupts the tranquility of the moment. This is especially magnified at night when the haunted woods appear to have trees with supernatural powers that exhibit large gnarled limbs that openly bend downward, almost as if reaching out to touch those unsuspecting souls who dare to walk on the dark path below the oversized plants with the massive elongated trunks. By day the charming town of Randolph, Maine, incorporated in 1887, with a population of less then 2,000, is considered to be a quiet community that just happens to have the largest amount of paranormal activity in central Maine that centered in and around the ghost infested woods that can be found just beyond the entrance of the Narrow Gauge Rail Trail.

During the 1800s the trail was a portal of transportation for the trains that ran back and forth on an extensive set of railroad tracks that belonged to the Kennebec Central Railroad that ran from Randolph, Maine across the Kennebec River to transport American Civil War veterans to their home at the Togus facility. Today a walking path leading deep into the forest has taken the place of where the old tracks would have once been a prominent fixture that once wound through the haunted forest. A sparkling stream runs along the path and is often the focal point at night where orbs are most often witnessed floating around in the woods, just above the water in mid-air. Disembodied voices have been associated with the stream, mostly when just passing by, but many people admit that they have heard someone calling out to them, just barely above the mesmerizing lull of the flowing stream.

By day the forest leans to a more peaceful existence and the sounds of nature add to the calming affect, but once the dark has settled in and a heavy mist permeates the air it is hard to ignore the sounds that echo from nothing in particular that can be pin pointed as the source. Hidden secrets from those that once lived and traveled through the woods can be detected in the thick brush and foliage when one looks close enough. Debris and rusted out abandoned cars from long ago have made a permanent home deep within the woods overrun with greenery and aged trees. Unidentifiable ambient noises, dark shadows, orbs, flashes of light, footsteps and the undeniable feeling of dread mixed with bone chilling fog that becomes somewhat thicker the deeper you walk into the woods. Located in the heart of the woods is a bug infested murky swamp that gives off the stench of death when you attempt to get too close to the spongy and uninviting wetland; reminding those who pass through that these haunted woods contain something unexplained and sometimes those things are better off left alone.

During the spring of 2012 the Maine Ghost Hunters thoroughly investigated the forest in an effort to establish what is really behind the paranormal chaos that effuses out of the woods when the sun goes down. Various people from skeptics to sensitive have worked tirelessly to either prove or dispel the notion that the Randolph woods are haunted once and for all. Ghost hunting equipment, including a ghost box, electronic voice phenomenon, infrared cameras, EMF detection meter and digital cameras were used to prove the existence of paranormal activity. Some locals believe that the ghost in the woods is none other than bicycle Eddie whose spirit attempts to translate the tragic events to those who will listen. The unclear events that occurred during a fall night left the town buzzing with questions concerning a murder, suicide and a missing body that is rumored to be buried deep within the interior of the woods. The less then proper burial has left a madder then hell ghost searching for answers and he screams out to those passing by and listening for it.

Location of the Old Narrow Gauge Rail Trail Head: The Narrow Gauge Rail Trail is located just south of the Goggins IGA Supermarket located at 268 Water Street in Randolph, Maine. The trail continues up a ravine and then crosses Windsor Street. The trail is a little over one-mile in length.


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26th Jul 2014 (#)

Good story, well told.
I guess people are always going to try to interpret the non-conventional into conventional terms. I find it so much easier to just know what is without trying to explain it.

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