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Paranormal Activity at Pubs & Taverns in One of the Most Haunted States in the U.S

New Hampshire, One of the Most Haunted States in the Nation

According to Ghost Hunters Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, founders of the Atlantic Paranormal Society aka TAPS, New Hampshire offers more then its share of haunted locations primarily due to the fatality rate of the original settlers who came ill-prepared for the blustery cold winters and the rough terrain that hindered mobility, making everyday life a force to reckon with. This was a big reason why the Ghost Hunters purchased the notably haunted 36-room Spalding Inn in Whitefield, New Hampshire located in the heart of the scenic and haunted White Mountains. When comparing most of the other states in the U.S. New Hampshire is relatively small in size, but big in proportion when it comes to paranormal activity, haunted buildings and locating ghosts. The site Shadowlands has close to one hundred documented locations recorded for the state of New Hampshire that are infested with some sort of paranormal activity from graveyards and homes to parks, restaurants, inns, highways, museums, schools and hospitals. For more information, go to:

Come Along if You Dare and Tour Haunted Pubs, Taverns and Other Ghostly Outlets

Portsmouth, New Hampshire provides many ghostly outlets including tours, and one of the top five favorites is such a hit that it was featured in publications from Better Homes and Gardens to the Portsmouth Magazine. The Haunted Pubs of Portsmouth Walk is a unique tour that offers ghost hunters a piece of history as well as a glimpse into the dark side. So grab your lantern and join in on one of the most exciting ghostly adventures to hit New England. The Haunted Pubs of Portsmouth Walk is filled with a jazzed up paranormal atmosphere and detailed with legends and true accounts of past residents who have decided to remain with the living and hang out at their favorite watering holes.

Settled in 1623, the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire ranks high on the list with haunted locations possibly due to the fact that it is home to some of the oldest buildings in the nation. Everything from the library to the cemetery and dark streets has witnessed paranormal activity from blackened shadows and orbs to ghosts and apparitions appearing out of nowhere. Ghost hunting can be an entertaining and educational experience for those who are open to the possibility that not everything in life makes sense. The ghost tour gives those brave souls an up close look at paranormal activity with the benefit of a guide to lead you through the darkest and spookiest areas that a city has to offer.

Those brave souls that have no fear of those unexplained things that go bump in the night are invited to take a peek into that world as the knowledgeable tour guide and author, Roxie Zwicker leads you from one pub to the next for some of the most hair raising excitement that ghost hunting can offer. Tales of a colorful past are brought to life with stories about the past ladies of the night and underground tunnels where dark figures creep around late into the night to historical lessons on the deep rich history of the Portsmouth breweries that date back to the Colonial days. The focus is on the many tales of haunted incidences that have taken place on the very streets you are walking and in the taverns you are visiting.

Seven chosen taverns, pubs and bars are highlighted along the ghost tour, each offering its own set of stories with sights and sounds from orbs, apparitions, ghosts and other paranormal activity. One featured stop that has become the most popular over the years is the old Irish tavern where a mischievous ghost has fun locking the doors and knocking glasses over in an effort to grab your attention. Deeper connections with the other side are elevated as you walk from pub to pub and just happen to catch a glimpse of one or more of the lady ghosts from roughly two-hundred years ago that are dressed for a night of partying. They peer at you through the windows from several of the historical businesses as if watching for the action to come alive while keeping an eye out for the handsome gentlemen strolling past their way. These hard working ladies' of the night who are attempting to make a living may not appear to be a strange sight to those open minded folks who are passing them by, but maybe the fact that they come off as being very alive entity's when in reality they are nothing more than high spirited ghosts that disappear as fast as you detect them standing there.

The New England Curiosity Walking Tours: This is a diehard tour that braves the elements, so rain or shine the tour group meets up in the quaint historic downtown neighborhood at a haunted 200 year old building that is now home to the Blue Mermaid Island Grill; located at 409 The Hill, Portsmouth, New Hampshire and the tours take approximately two hours. Parking: The Hanover Street parking garage is located next to the restaurant. Cost: $20.00 per person. Tours: No Walk-Ups. Reservations Only, and a reminder that October tours sell out fast.


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