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In an episode on SyFy, the Ghost Hunters visit the dark ship docked in Alameda, California and investigate the thousands of reports coming from those who have witnessed ghostly encounters on the ship that is roughly the size of three football fields. From suicides to freak accidents, 300 servicemen lost their lives on the 41,000 ton carrier.

The Most Haunted Ship in the Navy, the USS Hornet Museum

Reports of ghostly encounters are hard to argue with when there are multiple accounts of supernatural activity flooding in daily from one specific source. The strange thing about the reports is that they are all coming from people who have volunteered or visited the reportedly haunted World War II aircraft carrier that is docked in the San Francisco Bay. Because of so much paranormal activity occuring regularly on the floating museum, more commonly known as the USS Hornet, the carrier was featured in the Wall Street Journal because of its hauntingly chilly role involving ghostly activity. The haunted vessel also referred to as the carrier of death was built to destroy the enemy and has managed to sink hundreds of ships and literally thousands of airplanes in its rein of protecting U.S. soil and her waters while on active duty during World War II and the Vietnam War.

Going strong since 1943, the USS Hornet CV-12 retired from active duty, and since 1998 has been open to the public for tours. Paranormal investigators and the adventurous types are in their element on the carrier because the ghosts of the past have no problem showing up at the most unexpected moments to tell their dark stories. Most of the sightings appear to be Navy servicemen who served aboard the military carrier. Personal accounts have been documented since 1998 when tours of the ship first began. Most of the ghost stories involve apparitions that mysteriously disappear, and some of the ghosts show up later in photographs that were taken while on the ship. Supernatural experiences are no stranger to the ship or to those who witness the bone chilling incidences, and the reports only get stronger and more detailed over time.

In an episode on SyFy, the Ghost Hunters visit the dark ship docked in Alameda, California and investigate the thousands of reports coming from those who have witnessed ghostly encounters on the ship that is roughly the size of three football fields. From suicides to freak accidents, 300 servicemen lost their lives on the 41,000 ton carrier. The crew from TAPS found that fierce winds showed themselves in enclosed spaces, nautical instruments, radios and other equipment turned on and off and disembodied voices were virtually everywhere. Men dressed in Navy uniforms appeared and disappeared as fast as the eye captured their existence and footsteps sounded as though they would run you over if you didn't move from their path. The team is onboard with everyone else who claims that the USS Hornet is the most haunted ship in the Navy.

Aaron, Zak and Nick from the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures investigated the reported paranormal incidences where Zak encountered malevolent spirits. Nancy Bowman, an eyewitness on the carrier, experienced seeing blood on a hospital bed located in the ships operating area of the sick bay. It is believed that ghostly medical personnel are still attempting to botch up wounded military men and are screaming out at passerby's to leave the area as if they were still performing their duties. The carrier's hospital area is privy to slamming doors, inhumane sounds mimicking anguish, faulty electrical devices and lights turning on and off. Odors reminiscent of death lingering on and around the ship are a reminder of the dark energies that faced war and lost their lives defending their country. Out of all of their investigations, the ghost hunters found the USS Hornet to be one of the most haunted locations in the United States and one of the creepiest to date.

The horrendous tragedy infested history of the carrier is believed to be the underlying cause in the USS Hornet's being America's most haunted ship. Personal accounts continue to stack up; including Alan McKean, museum curator and a former Navy SEAL who claims that he personally witnessed an officer dressed in a WWII khaki uniform descend the stairs from the admiral's bridge. Another chilling account comes from Joe Martinez, a docent and worker on the carrier who claims to have seen a deep blue light crawl across the over head bulkhead, from starboard to port. The vision resembled a shower glass like when you look into the bottom of a pool on a clear sunny day. The people around Joe soon took notice as well and described it as a strange deep blue amoeba-like plasma anomaly that eventually dissipated and went away.

History Mystery Tours: These overnight investigations are a popular event to those that dare to chase the unexplained. During the tour visitors will learn the history of the ship while ghost hunting in all of the favorite paranormal hot spots found throughout the carrier. The sick bay is a favorite location for investigators due to the extreme amount of ghost sightings and communication with the other side this area brings forth. Ghost hunting equipment goes crazy and the night looms with promises of paranormal experiences like nothing you have ever witnessed before. The history tour gives accounts of the ship's accomplishments and seems to penetrate the spirits into full active duty once again. The USS Hornet is both a National and State Historic landmark that has accomplished many feats including destroying 1,410 Japanese aircraft and has sustained from severe damages despite being attacked by air 59 times. Price: $35.00 per person. Hours: 6:00 p.m to 9:00 a.m.

General Admission Tours: Open daily from 10 am - 5 pm. And tours run from 2 to 3 hours. Tickets: $16.00 per adult. Military, Seniors and Students with I.D. are $13.00 per person. Call: 510-521-8448 ext. 224 or e-mail:

Location: 707 W. Hornet Avenue, Pier 3, Alameda, California, located at the decommissioned Alameda Naval Base.


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