Paradise Bay National Park

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Waters of Paradise Bay is the largest marine conservation area in Indonesia as well as a research center of the whale shark or whale shark (Rhincodon typus) in the world with the cooperation between the government, private sector, communities, universities and NGOs at home and abroad. Observations of whale sharks has been used as a location in Kwatisore research.

Review of Paradise Bay National Park

Paradise Bay into a haven for many plants and animals both on land especially under water . Then the most anticipated is the encounter and interaction with the giant underwater , the whale sharks are friendly . After all , the encounter with the largest fish on earth was so very tempting and a dream of divers . Penyingkapannya in Paradise Bay is a great invention in this decade .

Paradise Bay National Park is a bay that is surrounded by several islands , among which is the island of Biak , Yapen Island and mainland New Guinea . Administratively, the area is located in two districts , namely Wondama Bay , West Papua Province and Nabire , Papua province . The location is at the edge of the Pacific Ocean and is an area of ​​continental plates making very rich flora and fauna . This national park has 14 species of protected flora and largely dominated by casuarina trees .

If you think that Raja Ampat is the richest in the Gulf of Paradise awaits a more diverse view of the main allure of direct view whale sharks . This area includes 18 islands with a coastline length of approximately 500 kilometers . The entire marine reserve area a habitat for many species of birds and marine animals , such as giant clams , turtles , sharks , turtles , dolphins , and dugongs .

Paradise Bay National Park was established in 1993 with an area of ​​approximately 1,453,500 acres extending from the eastern peninsula Kwatisore to Rumberpon Island . TNTC vast ocean area covering approximately 89.8 % with approximately 5.5 % of coral reefs , islands land approximately 3.8 % , as well as inland and coastal beaches are only approximately 0.9 % . You do not have to roam all to enjoy the beauty of Paradise Bay but just need meyambangi few places which are: Yoop Island , Island Nusrowi , Mioswaar Island , Island Noemfoor , and Rumberpon Island .
It is very impressive what lies under the sea where the percentage of coral life reaches 65.64 % , or if the totalized takes an area of ​​70,000 hectares . Here dwells approximately 36 species of birds , 196 species of molluscs , 209 species of fish , as well as whales and dolphins . This area is also home to four species of sea turtles are protected , the hawksbill turtle ( Eretmochelys imbricata ) , green turtle ( Chelonia mydas ) , olive ridley turtles ( Lepidochelys olivaceae ) , and the leatherback turtle ( Dermochelys coriacea ) .
Waters of Paradise Bay is the largest marine conservation area in Indonesia as well as a research center of the whale shark or whale shark ( Rhincodon typus ) in the world with the cooperation between the government , private sector , communities , universities and NGOs at home and abroad . Observations of whale sharks has been used as a location in Kwatisore research . Here the whale sharks often come to the surface and used to interact with the fishermen . Generally they appear around the chart ( houseboat fishing spot ) which are found in the waters along the Kwatisore .

Paradise Bay National Park has become a haven for lovers of nautical tourism and international submarine . In addition , this region also has roaming tourist cave in the island Mioswaar , and a source of hot water containing sulfur . In this cave there was ancestral tribal framework Wandau very guarded existence and believed to be the first man who came to this island . It is also contained in Noemfoor Island where there are human skulls and chests carved antique plates and a very high historical and cultural value .

Enjoy the natural beauty of paradise bay

The most interesting things can be found in the Gulf of Paradise is where the whale shark or whale shark ( Rhincodon typus ) precisely in Kwatisore . Animal benign giant has reached 14 meters long but only takes up a small anchovy ( fish castle ) and plankton . The whale shark can be called a castle by throwing fish overboard then this beautiful animal will be sticking to the surface of the water . Do not be surprised , many divers when snorkelling or diving swim so close to these animals . However , sekagum any animal that becomes a pretty big fish discovery this decade still do not touch it . Alternatives to encounter whale sharks in the Gulf Paradise is at Ahe , part of the archipelago Harlem or approximately 1.5 hours of Nabire by boat . Traveling by way of live aboard is most logical to explore many points in a single dive in TNTC is difficult to reach , spread , and distant from the mainland . Choose the right provider to suit your needs . Operator will arrange everything you need for live days on the boat . They will also lead to a lot of point dive , organize gear , check current , pending and guide you during the dive , to serve the needs of the food .

At Paradise Bay Marine National Park you can enjoy nautical tourism to some of the islands with amazing underwater kakayaan . Here there are more than 209 species of fish , including the ornate ghost pipefish , parrotfish bumphead , wobbegongs , cockatoo waspfish , butterflyfish , angelfish , damselfish , parrotfish , rabbitfish , and anemonefish . Here you can also find dugongs ( Dugong dugon ) , blue whale ( Balaenoptera musculus ) , coconut crabs ( Birgus latro ) , dolphins , whales and sharks are the star attractions.

In addition , Paradise Bay National Park is also home to four species of sea turtles , namely : Hawksbill turtle ( Eretmochelys imbricata ) , green turtle ( Chelonia mydas ) , olive ridley turtles ( Lepidochelys olivaceae ) , and the leatherback turtle ( Dermochelys coriacea ) . There are also a variety of mollusks such as cowries (Cypraea spp . ) , Snail Strombidae ( Lambis spp . ) , Cone snails ( Conus spp . ) , Triton trumpet ( Charonia tritonis ) , and giant clams ( Tridacna gigas ) .

Coastal areas in the Gulf of Paradise is only approximately 0.9 % of the total area but presents a panorama of beautiful beaches , one of which is Serui Beach . In this you can enjoy the beach with white sand , clear water , and calm waves .

There are some interesting locations to be visited in this region is quite broad , which is like Rumberpon Island where there is a location to observe birds and deer . The island also has a beautiful diving and snorkeling as well as the carcasses of Japanese fighter plane that crashed in the sea during World War II . Another option is visited Nusrowi same island for diving and snorkeling , and wildlife observation .

In Mioswaar Island you can find hot springs and waterfalls . Here also you can dive , snorkel , observing wildlife or interact with the local culture .

In Yoop Island , Wendesi , Wasior , and Yomber can become a favorite location to see whales and dolphins as well as seeing a number of colonial relics from the 18th century .

Meanwhile , in the Roon Island there are also places for diving and snorkeling , observing wildlife , waterfalls , as well as cultural tourism and the old church . Many Christians visit to a church in the village of Yende ( Roon Island ) to see the holy book was published in 1898.

On the island there Misowaar Noemfoor and pre -historic caves with human skeletons from the pre -historic era , complete with their paintings , antique plates and ornate coffin .

In Cape manggar there is a cave in the water with a depth of 100 feet . This natural cave is a relic of ancient times and has hot springs that contain sulfur without salinity .


To come into Paradise Bay National Park , you are coming from the western part of Indonesia Garuda flight and can take advantage of Lion from Jakarta , Surabaya , Denpasar , Makassar to Biak heading . Next of Biak using plane Susi Air to Manokwari or Nabire . There are of course also from Jayapura to Biak .

You are coming from Jakarta can avail flights to Batavia to Manokwari to further continue the journey by motor boat as far as 95 km .

Alternatively you enter through Nabire to then continue the journey to Paradise Bay Marine National Park using a motor boat as far as 38 miles or approximately 3 hours .

From Jakarta , Surabaya , Makassar and Jayapura available transport ships to Manokwari or Nabire . From there you can use the longboat, approximately 6 hours to be exact Paradise Bay National Park on the island of Rumberpon . Other selections from Manokwari to Ransiki by land vehicle approximately three hours followed by a motorboat around 2.5 hours . There is also a pioneer PELNI usual ship stopped by this park but only once a month .


At Paradise Bay National Park area hotels and inns are not yet available. Generally dive diving operators provide service to stay on the boat or live-aboard for 4-10 days. All daily needs available here, ranging from a bed, food, fresh water, diving equipment and guides, and more. Package dives like this is more expensive than other options but absolute once generic live-aboard that can bring you visited and explore the small islands scattered one by one in TNTC.

However, if you intend to spend, it can be settled at the cottage in the District BTNTC Rumberpon to contact him first. Another option is to stay at people's homes to rent.


The best time to visit the national park is the largest in Indonesia May to October although whale sharks are always there throughout the year. You must obtain prior permission from the manager or local government. However for safety and visitor data


Paradise Bay, Taman Nasional Teluk Cendrawasih, Teluk Cendrawasi

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