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People use bamboo, reeds, sorghum stalks into various furniture utensils figures, paste with colored paper, decorated with paper cutting, burning the dead. Monochrome color, lining color, combined with painted, and the Guangdong Foshan "copper lining", "copper writing material," etc., is quite splendid.

Paper models

Born in use, the Paper models come with; stranger can not afford, Paper models shop there. Hong Kong Paper models paved like a department store, everything. Traditional Creek paper, paper clothing, boys and girls, there is; trendy tablet computers, smart phones, there; even the massage chairs, sports cars, passports, tickets, aircraft, yachts can also be seen in their shadow shop in Paper models .

Hong Kong Paper models shop in the Chinese region is a leading position, even if the neighboring Guangdong people Guangzhou, Macao and other populated areas, fine Paper models of business size, but take a turn in Western Bird Bridge, connecting seventy-eight Paper models shop everywhere , one to the Mid-Autumn Festival, a variety of lanterns fight fight Yan Li, a colorful street lantern on a lively and attractive. Let's talk about the lantern, with a revolving door of making the most beautiful. It is said that a former staff rotation revolving door, and in the 1960s the local bar for teacher invented the "revolving door maneuvering box", is mainly used to fight friction, belts, gongs, percussion, using telescopic device made traction, character sets are papered beaten, in chapter novels as a theme, will be assembled into an audible, but also the active character of lantern box, drape placed in layman's cake shop on the road, to attract customers stop.
Paper models shop, which is tied for paper materials. Be regarded as old industries, according to sophisticated, as early as the Qin Dynasty era has tie, originally operated by Road Church, is a one-stop service, when compared with the volume of goods Paper models rough scale today for the funeral farewell and funerary purposes, and this a tradition that continues to this day. Of course, the paper stock is also tied for change with the times.
Paper models sacrifice bribery mountain land use can not be separated, in order to take care of; to please the ghost, to avoid harassment; or hope in the nether world of their ancestors, can live a comfortable life. Offerings will not be great changes in the former, but the latter's offerings will reflect the times. To know Paper models offerings mainly to meet the wishes of the deceased living, so the more traditional gold and silver mountain, silver bridge, dutiful son caps, Evocation streamers for salvation spirits of the crane, and another to meet the dead food, clothing, shelter, each aspects needed items, including suitcases, clothing, jewelry, food, sparrow cards, garden buildings, furniture, televisions, cars, workers, maids, etc., also according to the wishes of the deceased loved ones and custom-made, tie for master New Wave stuff hit the exhibition director.
Paper eighties before comparing plain tie, in addition to the traditional tie for outside and started adding different tie for big brands, such as cigarette Paper models appeared, mostly before 1997, Winston cigarettes, Marlboro, after 1997 there DHS, Zhongnanhai more. The clothing is also a large Paper models progress, Nike sneakers, Chanel handbags and other foreign brands Paper models beautifully crafted goods. As Paper models community has its star brand, is the famous brand and offerings are AAA, product Include everything.

So to understand the trend of Hong Kong basic necessities of life, it is better to Paper models Air magazine shop take a turn, trends and fashions will be clear.


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