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I want to share a thing or two about our country the Philippines, I hope you like it.

Tropical Island

I live in a country that is called Philippines, Tropical Island in South East Asia, one of the third world countries. There are 2 seasons in our country, summer and rainy seasons, June is the usual month the rainy season will start and March would be the start of summer seasons. In recent years, the weather is changing; there are rainy days in summer seasons or even typhoons and having a high temperature in rainy season. The climate and weather system are changing, because of global warming, we can't even predict how strong the typhoons or the heat will strike in our country.

Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is very common if you stay under the sun for periods of time, even if you have an umbrella, you can still feel the heat because of the concrete ground. Walking along the streets of the cities around the country can be very exhausting if you can't find a shade to help block the heat of the Sun. Heat stroke is very common in summer season, if one would stay or working under the Sun very long without any protection.


Water is very important in summer season, People should drink water more than a gallon a day to hydrate themselves, I personally drink more than a gallon a day to keep me hydrated. Under the heat of the Sun in our country you can easily be dehydrated even if you are just standing outside with umbrella or none. People should carry around drinking water while staying on the country to stay hydrated and to counter heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

Beach and Water Sources

Local people and Tourist flock the beaches around the country and other source of water to counter the heat of the Sun, Beach Resorts and other Resorts have many visitors in summer season more than in rainy season, because of the heat of the Sun that is increasing in recent years. Global warming has a huge effect in our country, high temperature in summer season and strong tropical typhoons in rainy season.

Pray for the Philippines.

Thank you very much for reading.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
21st May 2015 (#)

In the winter, my country, Canada, is very cold, I would like to visit the Philippines sometime.

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author avatar Vicente Sudiacal
21st May 2015 (#)

Err, I can't stand the cold, you are very welcome to visit the Philippines Mr. Brown, a piece of advice, don't visit around June-November, it is still in rainy season, you will not enjoy your vacation, around December to May is the best time to visit. Thank you very much.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
21st May 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing your article. The pictures are very nice. I live in the Northeast and in the winter months our temperatures are very cold. We had a lot of days this past winter when the temperatures were -21 degrees. That is very cold. I stay in the house when it's that cold. Our deserts are very hot here too.

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author avatar Vicente Sudiacal
21st May 2015 (#)

Wow! -21 degrees? That is really very cold, I think global warming affected the climate, making it extremely cold and extremely hot in summer. Thank you for the insight Nancy.

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author avatar vandana7
22nd May 2015 (#)

We are facing almost 45 degrees celsius now, and in some parts of the country it is near about 47+. It can be terrible. We can't survive without air conditioners. But we are short of power because there is no water! Last year rain gods failed us, and they are likely to fail us this year too. I know what hot is..hopefully things turn out well for both our people.

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author avatar Vicente Sudiacal
22nd May 2015 (#)

Wow! almost the same in our country, our water supply is also depleting fast and we also have power issues, some of the parts the country have scheduled power interruption so that the country would not be in total black out. Thank you very much for the vandana7.

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