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One of the great tourist attractions on the Oregon Coast is the Oregon Coast Aquarium. The aquarium is fun for the whole family and educational too, the sort of fun educational where you don't even know you are learning!!

A morning at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

My husband and I took the kids to the Oregon Coast Aquarium as part of a mini-vacation for the summer. We stayed the night at a hotel in Newport and started our day of tourism by a visit to the aquarium. They have plenty of neat exhibits and lots of great learning opportunities.

Turkey Vultures

Right now the aquarium has two Turkey Vultures that are located near the front entrance. When we went one of their keepers was sitting in their exhibit with them and explaining about them to all the guests. The are rather larger then they seem to be, especially when they show off their large wingspan, which they were happy to do for my camera that morning.

Jelly Fish

Another great exhibit is a room of various types of jelly fish. These creatures are rather fascinating to watch and they do a great job of presenting them. The kids were really into this exhibit.

Seals and Otters

There are two different exhibits in this area of the aquarium where they house each type of animal. They provide ample viewing spots for each habitat to give you a good chance at getting to see these animals in action. At each exhibit we found knowledgeable staff and volunteers that shared information with us. We learned that they do not provide otter with rocks like they would have in the wild to crack food open with (though their teeth are strong enough they don't need them) because they used the small rocks to crack the thick display glass. Also otters can create pockets in their loose skin to store food for later.

Sea Cucumbers, Star Fish, and other creatures - Hands on

They have a great exhibit where you can touch the star fish, sea cucumbers and a wide array of similar creatures. I had never touched living ones before so this was a real treat for the kids and I. In fact it was a crowded exhibit but worth the time and hard to walk away from. The staff was great, both courteous and informative. They even got my son to get over his apprehension and once they got him going he was curious what all the critters felt like.

General tips and information

There is plenty more then what I have mentioned here, they have an aviary, a rotating exhibit (Swampland was there when we went), and the walk through aquarium as well as some other creatures like octopuses as well. I would highly recommend that you arrive when they first open and the gate line is short and the crowds are minimal. Since the aquarium is set up similar to a zoo layout there is no set path, we went to the left upon entering while everyone else seemed to go to the right, this left us with little traffic as we moved around the park. The aquarium took us 2-3 hours to make it through and while a little high priced wasn't really that bad. I hope you get a chance to enjoy this great little part of Newport.

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30th Aug 2010 (#)

I will have to go there most definately now!

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author avatar Denise O
13th Oct 2010 (#)

Love the article!
Love the pictures also, great touch!
Congrats on the star page, well deserved.
I'm following you...BOO!:)

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author avatar halfling
13th Oct 2010 (#)

Thank you Denise. We had lots of fun, I was delighted on the pictures and how well they turned out, also on getting the star page rating.

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