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Tiniest Isles Ever!!!

As a kid I have read all the adventure books such as Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island and all the series of Enid Blyton. Since then I have been very much fascinated by the islands and the ocean (though I would admit that I'm terrified of water). So when both I and my husband saw the Ness isles I just couldn't help but be amused at the mere size of it!
The day we landed in Inverness (which is the northern part of Scotland), we decided to go sightseeing right away. Our first stop was at the tourist centre to check out all the places of interest. We did not want to miss a single thing. Apart from collecting all the information about the ferries going up the Loch Ness and the maps, we found out about a beautiful walk on the banks of the river Ness. The lady at the centre also told us that if we walk along the bank we would soon come across the tiny Ness isles. As you can imagine, I just couldn't wait to see them.

The walk was really so beautiful. With the river on one side and the castle on the other it was picturesque. One can see the cathedral stand tall amidst the buildings across the river. As we walked further down the road we came upon a very woody area. There was a tiny bridge, so tiny that it hardly qualifies to be called so. Upon crossing it, we came upon a park with tall and thick trees all around. It completely blocked the view of the road and the buildings. It felt as if we were transported to another time or place. We had finally arrived on the Ness Isles.

The shallow river gushing by seemed as if it was singing and the trees seemed to be welcoming us. The light breeze playing with my hair made me feel as if we both had landed in the enchanting land of the fairies! I imagined myself to be a princess walking through the isle with my prince.

They are tiny isles connected by short bridges. There nestled among the trees, we found a part of the bank covered in wild flowers where there is a bench to enjoy the breath taking view. Finally when we explored the entire isle and crossed the last bridge from the isle we reached the main land at the other side of the river which is known as the Ness Walk.

Since the river was so shallow, it was possible for us to climb down the road and head towards the river. At this side of the river, there were many pebbles, and a few boulders. People generally bring their dogs along here and play with them in the water.

Unfortunately I lost the maps of the city on which they had labelled those amazing tiny isles as Ness Isles. My husband argues that they are too tiny to be called as isles. But I'm sure if I get hold of those city maps of Inverness again I would definitely find the Ness isles!

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
4th Aug 2011 (#)

An island is an island no matter how small. The point is that you enjoyed the experience.

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author avatar Amruta Jadhav
4th Aug 2011 (#)

That is so true!!!

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author avatar bharati
6th Aug 2011 (#)

I enjoyed this amazing island through Amrutas article.....simple majic word !!

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
18th Aug 2011 (#)

Wonderful place.
Must visit!

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author avatar Hussain Rangwala
8th Sep 2011 (#)

Though i have not been to Ness Isles but your words were so clear and simple that it made me feel i have just took a walk on the bank of the river Ness. I have a habit of imagine things as i read, and your post made me go in the fairyland.....
Thanks a lot

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author avatar Amruta Jadhav
10th Sep 2011 (#)

Thanks Hussain

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