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Tourists like two things. They like to see something new and they like to visit exciting places. Here we see some traditional tourist hot spots ideal for a family vacation. Next we see some ghost towns deserted but preserved intact even today. And how about some real ghosts?

Excitement of planning your trip

Best part of a family vacation is that you never know where you are going. In the sense, the place is entirely new and you do not know what type of behavior to expect. Tourism to ghost towns is unexpected though. Let us investigate both, the traditional and the ghostly spots around the world. You might add them to the list of places to visit on your next family vacation.

First, we have the tourist places that have all the traditional fittings, the hotels, the food and the places for tourist to visit. It has groovy sights to see and lovely people to interact with and you will many choices when it comes to the cuisine for the family. So, let us go.

Top most visited hotspots for tourists

National Park, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
This habitat was once filled with Paleo Indians though now it has more black bears than Indians. You can hike through the trails, indulge in some rock climbing, and gawk at historic sites.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
Famous as the canonization center of Joan of Arc, Notre Dame Cathedral has also witnessed plenty of royal weddings and anniversaries. The architecture is French Gothic with plenty of sculpture and stained glass decorations. This building is one of the pioneers in the use of the flying buttress supports. Most significant are the archeological crypts under the Notre Dame Cathedral that has plenty of historical ruins.

Central Park, New York City
Central Park is as renowned for the number of tourists as for its landscaping. Visitors number more than 33 million and remain awe struck by the bridges and trees. Central Park came into being when the residents of New York City felt the need for an open space that was beautiful. Natural looking lakes and ponds alongside 6 miles of drives create a great place for relaxation and recreation activity like skateboarding or cycling.

Ghost towns and ghosts

Next, we get the ghost hunters and hit those ghost towns. Here are some of them.
Belchite, Spain
The civil war in Spain took its toll. The Republican Army put the town under the soil and even today, the red soil reminds those around of the blood spilled in 1937. Belchite was on the way of the Army’s march to Zargoza. Though there are no actual sightings of ghosts, the entire place is deserted and tourist is more in danger from loose crumbling masonry hitting them.

Bodie ghost town, California
Near the Nevada border, you will see the ghost town of Bodie. This town came up in 1859, when prospectors came here chasing minerals. It was a typical bad town comparable to Dodge City and inhabitants of Bodie had a bad reputation. Though most of the tales are untrue, the discovery of quartz in the rocks led to much wealth. Today much of the original buildings remain intact preserved for the eyes of tourists who still wonder about the good old times.

Bhangarh, Rajasthan
Finally, an actual town inhabited by ghosts for the family vacationer. This city came to prominence in 1792, when the Raja of Jaipur built palaces in this area. However, Bhangarh is haunted and roofs of buildings began to collapse soon after construction. Soon the people deserted this place, but the ghosts linger still. Tourism to this place is on but there are boards prohibiting stay after six in the evening.

Pick out your travel destinations

So, where are headed to, on your next annual family vacation? To those areas inhabited by warm lovely people or to those lonely cold ghost towns? Just pack your bags and get online to book your travel tickets. It is time for some exciting action.

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14th Jun 2014 (#)

great page...think I will go to lovely places and hope there are lovely people there too...

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14th Jun 2014 (#)

hello cnwriter it is nice to see you like always have a great day

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author avatar Mariah
14th Jun 2014 (#)

The image of Notre Dame Cathedral is stunning, I've never been to Paris myself, I would love to go to New York to see the sights too..Spain is my very favourite holiday destination, we've had many a great holiday there...you have so put me in the holiday frame of mind with this lovely page snerfu, thank you again

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14th Jun 2014 (#)

It is very rewarding to hear these words. Thanks for stopping by Mariah.

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Awesome and one of a kind post, cheers!

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Thanks for the look see Fern, cheers!

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