North meets South

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Love surviving the differences in ones culture. These love stories were done at odds with the times they were in. This just goes to show you love survives and is color blind.

Southern charmer

When my parents met they were from different worlds. My dad was a city slicker from Philadelphia, PA and my mother was a country girl from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Talk about opposites attracting. My mother was outgoing and very trusting like most Southern belles. My father more reserved and suspecting. They met overseas in Italy while he was in the military and my mom was in the red cross.They met taking in a movie with mutual friends. After they first got married they couldn't believe what the other ate. Dad was into subs while mom like southern fried chicken alot and other more exotic meals. My dad was strickly a meat and potatoes man which is quite common in northern climes.My mother was into grits, smothered chicken and biscuits and Sunday meals that would shame a thanksgiving feast. My mother could even hitch hike something that is simply not done anymore. People weren't prime evil when she grew up she said. Didn't have to worry about something happening to you as much as nowadays. Back then men approached women more which is not being done today. Their was hardly any interracial dating which gave way to me coming along when I did. I say this because my cousins are of mixed race and they the same age as me. They didn't have such good relationships later in life even though they both married outside they race which brings us to me again. I don't know what I'm going to end up with. It could go either way. My twin and older brother both jumped ship. I don't blame them. It's just the way we grew up. We weren't around a lot of other blacks on those bases my dad had us on. Virginia was more tolerant than most places down here but I can't say much.That's how I grew up which I think accounts from some of the middle age spread I got later on in life because they both got heavier too at my age.Of course the atmosphere was more charged back then with more racial issues to deal with as well as economic issues. Mom grew up in the segregated south so her schooling wasn't that great while my dad went to a mixed school up north. He graduated with some famous alumni. One of the girls in his class was in a famous girl group like the Supremes. Where was he you might ask? Well he didn't do too bad in the military himself. He always took care of us.Made sure we had everything we asked for. I had a tv and radio in my room. Got to watch movies all the time on the weekends and was a piano player as you'll already know. Most of my life has been spent in the South however practicing church which is big down here and working hard at the measely jobs I could find. They still think that a single female should not live by herself in a big city which is why my growth with employment is so stunted. Kept getting talked out of going north to the bigger cities where everything is.I don't regret it however family and friends keep me happy here besides there are so many strange people that would prey on me and I must admit I'm easy target.My best bet is to grab myself a military guy and get out of this neck of the woods but I don't see that as happening anytime soon. Don't go feeling sorry for me just yet my parents made sure I made do with what I had. Yes, that means I got an education which I'm really proud of. I would like to practice this education but that's not that far behind either. Got a few prospects already and am hoping for the best. Till next time.


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